Please help

Hi guys. I’m not sure if I screwed the pooch on this or not. I was moving my w/w and accidentally pushed down on one side. Went off balance. I split the main stalk. Not bad but enough that there is as tear and space between the two main branches about a 1/4 in. down. I don’t want to cause stress as she’s going into her fifth week of flower. I don’t believe I killed her at all but I was wondering if I could have really hurt the flower production. Has something similar ever happened to you? Will she bounce back from this? I tried to take a pic to show but to get it far enough apart to see down in was making it worse so I stopped. Can you give me any ideas or is there something I can do? I should mention there are two main branches as I topped it during veg once. Thanks for your help.

I did get two pics and it’s even worse than I thought. I can’t seem to find a way to tie it back together again. I’m so pissed at myself!!

Ok so I panicked big time. After I calmed down and the wife talked me off the ledge I found some string and tied the two branches together. They should heal in time. Very Sorry for wasting everyone’s time. I haven’t had any herb since the beginning of September so any set back gets me a little edgy.

I’ve heard of using beeswax to help the healing process. Not sure if it would fit in this situation. Only ever used it on Tomatoes and Corn.

Thanks og. I’ve got it tied together pretty tight so both halves are together. Everything I’ve read so far says it should heal in about a week. I was thinking only of taping it together right after it happened but there was no way to do that. The wife told me to find some string and give that a shot. I really thought I was screwed when I got a good look at it. Damn but it went farther than I thought and to be honest I didn’t really want to look at how bad the damage was. It could have been a lot worse. I just really brushed against it when I went over. I could have snapped it in half. Big sigh of relief!! Won’t have complete peace until I see it does heal.

Oldgoat hit it right on…I have done that to. Go get a jar of honey. The honey will natural heal your damaged plant. You don’t need to use a lot. then tie it up the best you can. I have reached this and it works every time. I hope this helps I now…been there done that…lol


Thanks guys. I’ll try that. Live and learn I guess.

Thanks to all who came to the rescue. You did the right thing by tying it together. Great job! :smiley:

Now…Watch the buds fatten up :slight_smile: