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What is THE best strain you guys have for growing in northwestern MA (Shelburne Falls, MA)? Night temperatures are generally 20-55 degrees Fahrenheit from spring to fall, then day reaches from 40-80 degrees from spring to fall. I will probably use a greenhouse for these plants and want to grow on a larger scale (around 20 plants) so I definitely would prefer getting one of your strains where there is the 10 + 10 for free deal. I know you had an earlybird special and if ones of those strains were the best for colder outdoor climates I would really appreciate if I could still get that discount :slight_smile: My AK-47 plant last season did get a little moldy during late September and had spider mite problems so I am definitely looking for a strain that is more resistant to both of those huge outdoor problems around here! Heres some info on the weather here. Really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

There are a huge number of strains grown in your area. Gold Leaf, Sour Diesel, Amnesia Haze etc are all good.

If you think you are going to grow without mold or pests outdoors it simply can’t happen. That’s where good resource management is needed to keep pests under control.

The thing you really need to get a handle on is a way to lower humidity during flower. Otherwise you are asking for trouble.


Last season in the NE was abnormally humid during the flowering season
We had humidity it the 80-90% range im from upstate NY so basically the same weather as mentioned many strains will grow in your area
Controlling humidity is key but if outdoors all you can do is make sure you have good airflow
Sulfur burning helps control wpm as well
Bugs are annoying and are also hard to prevent

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