Plants not looking good...3 wks in flower...HELP

Wi fi mints in Pro Mix with perlite. Seem to be dying from the bottom going up.
Using FF trio. Just started Tiger bloom at half strength a few days ago
Been using Captain Jacks dead bug and just flushed them yesterday with sledgehammer.
Any ideas on what to do to get them back on track. Thank you


Keep up the routine pest treatment and suggest liberal run off on feed days using the FF trio to prevent those salts from building up in the root zone :love_you_gesture:


Would you be able to take a pic where that branch intersects the main stem ?
The rest of the plant appears to be ok from what I’m seeing.

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@Oldguy Is this the branch you are talking about? I actually cut it off thats why I am holding it up for pic.


@lilbia420smoke I was thinking a possible crack at the main stem might have caused things to droop on that branch is all. I’ve had a couple flex hard in the wind and wilt after.