What is going on with a few of these girls man

Like 2 orr 3 of them are yellowing a bit and one of them the leaves are turning a pruplle brown kind of idk how much u guys can tell me from pics. But whay do you think. 3 alakan purple 2 purple haze all in organic promix. Fox farm trio for nuts calm mag on water days. Nutrient days about gallon and half to get runoff 4 teaspoons big bloom 3 teasoons grow big and 3 teaspoons tiger bloom in that gallon and a half. It was dropping to about 59 60 for about a week or so i now have a heater in there and kepe it betwen 68 to 75 or so. Hard to keep a stable temp. They all flowerd at different times. Starting. Back about a month or so ago. I have 5 1000 led running 18/6 was 24/0 for quite a while until few weeks into the first flower … hopefully i didnt leave anuthing out. My ph going in is ALWAY 5.85-6.0 checked runoof only few times and not even on all them but when i did itwas spot on



I did have a fan only about 2 feet away from the middle 2 but it was always on low and rotating but i thought maybe thats why the middle few could be looking rough but i doubt it lol anyway… this my second grow first one went smooth they were photos and i vegeed them for like 10 weeks never had a problem really

@Newt @BobbyDigital @Borderryan22 @dbrn32 @PurpNGold74 you guys hellped me alot on my last grow and some on this one. Any idea what is foing on with these or do they seem to be ok looking to you i can get some closer up picts too iff u need

One suggestion, if you haven’t already done so, is to do a regular flush when using Fox Farms nutrients.

A build up can cause a lockout of nutrients. You can flush with several gallons of water, or use a product like Fox Farms Sledgehammer where you only need to add it to regular feedings.

What is final ppm of this? I second making sure to hit recommended flushing with ff stuff.


Ur plants will start to get there colours specially the purple strains u will see ur leaves change to purple colour

Agree on keeping with the flushes with this stuff. It’s pretty important. But also at this stage you need to start incorporating epsom salt into their diet. Fox farms nutrients are too low with their magnesium for cannabis. Add about 1/4 tsp if plain epsom salt with your feed. Better yet on water only days.

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@BobbyDigital yes sir i been givijng half teaspoon per gallon for qute some time now

@dbrn32 dude that is one thing i totallu forgot to do this time. This is onky my second round i forgot completeyl about my ppm this could be my problem for sure

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@CMichGrower ok … does it matter whenn i flush?? And how often. i havent done one. But i will this week ill flush all of them just to be safe. Ill just use regular phd water. How much do you put through usually

3 times the volume of the pot. So if its five gallon pot, use 15 gallons water. Be sure to feed em afterwords.


I was wondering that. So feed them the very next feeding after they dry out… @Docnraq

After flush, pretty much as soon as it stops dripping from the vessel, follow with a full feed. Sorry, just seeing this. Thanks for the tag!


If not already you need a Conductivity meter to measure your PPM in an out when feeding. Good luck :v::+1:


Looking good. I suspect you are seeing pheno colors brought out by lower temps.

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Just wondering in flower your on 12/12 right. And yep with all the purple plants when it get cold leaves change.

12/12 is the right light schedule for flowering

They are autos

Thanks everyine. You. All have been awesome. Very helpful as usual which is why i love this site