Plants hitting the ceiling of tent

Hey guys! I’m a new grower and I have a question that I didn’t;'t think I was going to have to ask when I started this lol, but what do you guys do when you’re in your 4th week of flower and the plant is touching the ceiling/light of the tent? I am baffled at this point and nervous about losing all my hard work. I feel like I made it to far to have my plants destroyed due to height. Anyone have suggestions? Thank you in advance!

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I had that problem my last grow. What the amazing people here told me to do was to pinch the stems of the top cola that are the problem so they bend over. I never tried it as my stems were already hardened. But please wait till the pros chime in. @Nicky @fano_man

Have to control it before thst ussualy.
I have Zap strapped my lights to my tent roof bars and just barely made it.
But yeah can’t do much but adjust your stuff or move it to a new room.
Here was my last grow.

Ened up with some fox tails but did fine


Look up super cropping on the search link. It doesn’t require removing any branches just bending them by first pinching the stem at the point where you want to bend it. You have to almost crush it. It may sound counterintuitive but it will heal and make a super highway for nutrients. I had to do this last time because my plants were touching the roof of my small greenhouse.

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Sorry without reading any comments following yours. My firat grow was exactly this. I now ended up with a room i built in place of the tent tent was 4x4x7ish. Room is 4x7x8. Didnt even think or ask just moved tent got steel studs drywall and moved along. Not the greatest of rooms but solid and works. Took me 3 days 1 day to stud and drywall 1 day for mud and sand and clean and 1 day for paint. 4th day plants were in the room and ready to fly. Not saying do this but i read touching tent ceiling and immediately thoight of my situation

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Yeah man, I’m a little nervous about that one lol! Thank you!

Thanks I’ll check it out! For a new grower that sounds really scary haha. I’ll look into it though! Thanks!

If you just try to bend the branches to far they will break but if you pinch it first then bend it it will be OK I was a little scared the first time I did it. The colas on the branches I did it too took off big time. I was amazed at how fast it recovered and started to grow upward. Make sure you do it low enough or you might have to do it again.

You can pinch up to week 2.5 to 3 with no worry …oast that time after strech and in flower full swing I would coax branches with strong to the sides…supercropoing (pinching is best done in veg to not stunt or herm a flowering girl)


Thank you! I’m in mid week 4. I’m afraid to do anything to them at this point lol. It’s definitely frustrating. Don’t want to ruin my first grow because my plants were too tall.:cry:

And this keeps them from growing upward? It’s just about to hit the light at the top of the ceiling. I used the spider farmer tent. Thought that would be high enough. These things keep growing and growing up though.

No: it lowers the tops by spreading out the plant. Supercropping is a valid technique and does improve strength and increases nutrient transport to those branches. You are crushing the stem to render it pliable so that it droops. It will recover, stiffen and continue to grow so plan on flipping your light schedule to 12/12 as well.


Yes you tie a branch to the left and to the right you wanna pull it away from light while pulling tword the light… when you stick em out to side and dont support the weight the opposite way heavy branches can peel right off the stak…
No it just knocks the tops down and give you how ever much space that would he upward is out to side… in vegging it will grow strait up from there but flower it will spread the plant open for flowers

These are all highly trained with several techniques but the bends and hard 90s are supercropped


Sometimes you need a little gentle persuasion to crush the stem in order to bend it when supercropping


Is there a way u can lay the plant on an angle or so let it grow sideways. I believe @Covertgrower had to do this with a plant he grew if im not mistaken lol. I didnt think on my part when this haplened just grabbed stuff and started building. Wife was like what r u doing. I. Said building a room my plants will be able to finish in lol. She wasnt happy then but she is cool with it now hell she is the one who bought me my new 1400 dollar light for the room. Shocked me to no end. But she sees i enjoy growing and smoking and growing saves us a ton of money so shes cool with it. When u grow better weed than u get from dispos will make all happy around u lol.


Thank you! I’ve switched to 12-12 4 weeks ago. I’ll give it a whirl and see what happens. Thank you!

That’s awesome!!! Yeah, I’m going to see if I could just bend a manipulate and see what I come up with. I know for next time to switch the light cycle earlier. Guess I let stay in veg too long. But this one particular plant (purple haze) is just growing string and crazy. It’s been the strongest from the beginning. And as a new grower, I definitely overwatered my plants a couple times stunting their growth. I learned a lot from this first grow though.

Ah ha! Great idea!

Wow! Your plants look great! Thanks fir all the info!!!

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If you do use pliers it’s a good idea to line them with some duct tape or something like to prevent damage to the cambium layer. If stems are too ‘woody’ you will need to wrap afterward in electrical tape so they can heal and not be a path for disease.