Plants growing sideways

My plants are growing sideways and are not strong enough to hold themselfs up. What do i do? I havent had a fan on them so ill start now. How do i correct this??

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You can put a stick in there to sustain her and a fan will be good.

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This is what i did. What do u guys think? Also to my other plant.


Something else you could add before she gets really tall is a product called silica that’s dissolvable in water, it gives plants more strength when they get larger. You can get it in the future, no need to panic now. That fan will really help.


Yeah prop her up with stakes, also add soil, seems like you have some room if I’m not mistaken… Get fans going too

DE foodgrade works very well for this @85% silica. Also works as a pest repellent.


@Aquaponic_Dumme thanks for the info
I didn’t realize you could use DE as a silica supplement :+1: Good tid bit of info there I will store into my memory bank :v:


Yes Sir. I use it daily.


@Dumme… When you say you use it daily, are you dissolving in water and adding or broadcasting on top of soil ?.. How much is daily dose?

I sprinkle it around my garden. Some on the new plants, and dressing the old. I sprinkle it on my floor.

I’m a recirculated aquaponic system, so quite a bit gets in the system from how liberal I am with it.

Measuring never crossed my mind. It’s everywhere…

Word of caution, too much of it at once turns into dough, and will hold moisture. I’ve have stem rot from it idle, gummed up on the stems


Thx @Dumme… I have used it before just broadcasting over soil for gnats etc… I was thinking of dissolving in gal of water… Say tsp in gallon Of water to get benefit of silica… Does it affect ph?

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