Stems growing sideways?

Hi, so this is my 6th grow. I’m still learning. I grow mainly autos now. I have 6 plants in 5 gallon smart pots. 4 out of 6 of them are growing these weird stalks. They almost look loopy. They started to grow sideways almost 90 degrees and then finally started to grow up. The plants all started out rough, but one is really bad. They are all a little over 3 weeks old. Will I run into problems with the bottom of the stalks not growing straight up at first? Here’s some pics.


I’ve never seen that before. I did quick web search and hits seemed to come back as potentially a weak root base? Off the top of my head a few things could cause that. Overwatering probably most common. Too much water right on stem and plants kind of get lazy with root production, like everything they need is right there so no reason to expand. Or could be some sort of contamination I would guess. I’m gonna throw this to a new topic and see if others have any feedback.


Can’t support itself, I have one in the box now that was similar and came out fine… now as in fine I mean it eventually went north but it’s laid down more then I’d like.

Could try a stake and plant clip/tie to keep it off the moisture but I don’t think it’s a issue personally. Plants are weak at that age and need some help


Water 2-3” circle away from center of plant, roots will expand.

Fish n kelp - helps root growth
Cannazym/sensizym - promote root structure
Mykros/ - root promoter

There’s lots of products to help plants create more of a foundation, I’m not saying run and get these things I’m just giving you a direction to get more information from.

The fish and kelp is easiest to use and you can get away with a tsp/gal with watering


What was the other thread you put this in? I’m having the same issue…

I’m sorry but I have no idea. That post was from 2 years ago.