Plants flowering too soon

Hi. I successfully grew out doors last year and decided to grow indoors for the winter. My plants are on 24/7 light however 4 of them have started flowering. What are the causes of this. I don’t mind it but I would like to know what I did wrong.

Could they be auto seeds?


Good thought. I’d be interested in knowing.

Good chance you’re just seeing signs of sexual maturity. How old are the plants? Do you have some pics?

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I can send pictures later. These are clones from my mother plant. I cloned them in December.

Im almost sure thats what is happening. Clones are considered same age as their mother. So will already be mature when cut.

I run 24 hour light on clones too, but only until they’ve rooted. After that i typically run them on 18/6. You can probably reduce light cycle on them