Early flowering or autoflower?

First time grower. Bought 6 clones during shelter in place with no real info other than type of strain from Dark Heart Nursery.

Planted right away and put under lights going from 24hrs to 18hrs of light for about a week. Put outside 4/6/20 and flowers started showing 5/9/20. I thought they would not start to flower until July. Any chance these are autoflower or did I do something wrong and cause them to flower early. What should I do? Will they go through full flower cycle or will they go back to veg?

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Welcome to the forum. I don’t know much about clones, but do know, they will flower based off the mothers original age. In a nutshell, they can flower faster based off how old mom is…I think.

Hope this helps!

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There’s the operative: you really can’t clone autos.


That’s only for autoflowers. Photo clones won’t do this.

It sounds like you put them out too early. Idk where you live, but anything under 14 hours of daylight and photos will start flowering.
If your days are this long or longer by now, then they will reveg in a few weeks, if they are photos.
If your days aren’t 14 hours long, you can put a light above them to distrupt the dark cycle, around midnight, for 30 min each night, until they reveg.
But, if you want them to continue to flower, and your days are getting longer, you can cover the area with tarp or something to block light for 12 hours each night.

I am on the central coast of California. Thanks for the help.