Plant showed signs of TMV

A question of a fellow grower:

Hi I recently purchased two strains from u gorilla glue and chronic widow In germination of the seeds one of the gorilla glue showed signs of TMV I let it grow just to see if I was wrong I’ve had to remove all plants plus the chronic widow. Hope to hear from u so as I’m left with nothing Thank u.

Is that a brawndo plant?

I’m going to say you have a magnesium issue.

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I’m thinking along the lines with @shindig153 before you scrap them I would consider trying to address any possible deficiencies just in case that’s what the problem is rather than tobacco mosaic virus. I’m not a pro so wait for some of the experts to chime in. But I would try a couple more things before I would kill them off. Good luck I’ll be following along.

Do you actively manage and monitor your pH and ppms of the water you are adding to the plant and also measuring the pH and ppms of what comes out the bottom? I think the plant is fine. I have had leaves with an odd coloring like that on a few leaves, but it was never widespread and dint seem to have a long term impact.

I had a plant last summer with 2 or 3 leaves that same split color. Gave it some magnesium and it cleared up. I too was worried aboutTMV.

It sounds like he has already removed them, be a real
Shame if they just needed some mag :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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