TMV or Deficiency or toxicity or what?

So I don’t know what it is really. It looked like it was a magnesium def. Or some type of Mosaic Virus or TMV. Honestly from the moment that seed sprouted and began growing it’s leaves had a funny effect I’ve never seen before when I’ve grown or been around other grows, the other seed that popped was growing a tad bit slower but didnt show any weird signs. How ever the one auto flower that was growing along with these two Fem photos was really looking mutated with twisted leaves from the gate. I didn’t have any other beans or clones and just cashed out of bunch of grow shit… So i decided to just Foliar Spray with some fulvex, which is magnesium, and another day added some epsom salt to the distilled water and pH at 6.2. few days ago they were looking really lime greenish around the top new growth so I applied a thin layer of EWC and watered it till 25% run off was achieved. It brought them back to a nice overall green, but that yellow marble shit really popped. Around the same time I spotted 4 tiny red stupid bugs which I believe are spider mites that I caught coming in from my effin window during heavy rain week here in bay area. So if it is TMV I don’t know if it came with seeds or the mites . I’ll see in the next few days if my added mg cured it or if it’s still there, or spread to other plants. Does any one have any input ?

I’ve never seen TMV on this forum. Plants look fine and the one with funky leaves will likely sort itself out. Lime green indicates new growth. I also do not recommend foliar feeding of anything as you can easily damage the leaves.


Looks like it may be a minor lear varigation. As myfriend said, should sort its self out.


Like the others said. There looking good.

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This is tmv. My memberberry had it bad, by not cloning the ones that exhibit this it is almost gone. By the way it starts i have read by tobacco smokers not washing hands before handling the plants. Im also not sure if it can continue to spread from plant to plant. I quit researching it when i saw it didnt have much effect on the outcome.