Diagnose help! TMV? White Widow Auto ILGM

sprouted Oct4.
Any Idea what this is? Ive been searching the Tobacco Mosaic Virus posts but none of my other plants have shown signs.

It’s my strongest plant, growing well but has had these patterns since it popped.

Worry not. It’s not tobacco mosaic. TMV is actually quite rare and you’d be far fetched to have plants that close to one another and only have one infection.
However, juuuuust to be safe, do yourself a favor and don’t smoke around your plants (cigs) and try to wash your hands after a cig and before touching your girlies.
Let me ask you something: when you water do you water until you get a decent amount of runoff? What are you using for your nutrient program? What’s the pH of your water? What’s your environment temp/humidity/circulation/ventilation? Seeds or clones? If seeds, where’d you get them from?
I’m mostly interested in your pH right now though.


ph is always 6.5-6.7
havent given any nutes yet but I use FFtrio
FF ocean for soil.
Seeds are from ILGM

Almost looks like some sort of variegation in the plant rather than a deficiency or excess. Especially since the other plants do not show the same thing. Other than the mottled color it looks healthy.
Sometimes presents in random ways…

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I think its just a genetic property and not a problem. You said it was this way since it sprouted so it is consistent with variegation.


k, couple things:

  1. drop your pH to 6. (5.8 to 6.3) 6.7 is juuuuuuust a tad high;
  2. are you using all three products from FF trio together, at this phase?? (and if you’re using anything supplemental other than water then you’re giving your girl nutes :slight_smile: ) You look to be quite early in veg so you shouldn’t be using any products designed for use during the transition and bloom phases;
  3. since your using FF ocean soil and your girl looks kinda young, I’m concerned that she’s getting overwhelmed. Every seed is going to express itself somewhat differently from her sisters and thus may also be more or less sensitive to this or that than her sisters. ILGM seeds are quite good so you don’t have to worry much about getting dud or having a ton of phenotypic variation from seed to seed. So knowing that each plant will be different from the next (within reason), and the rest of your young ladies look good, you need to evaluate what external influences may be bothering her. I’m really leaning towards her being a bit overwhelmed with nutrients between the FF soil and the trio program.
    If you don’t mind my asking: What exactly do you give for nutes? Like, how many mLs/G (or liter) of each product? How often are you watering?

When I first started growing as a young woman I had the same exact issue. I was using FF soil because it’s the very best product for the new grower. It makes growing cannabis relatively fool proof. Some of my first girls had the same strange light markings but it was much harder to diagnose and treat then because these massive forums and databanks didn’t exactly exist so I was forced to play scientist to figure it out. Back then I had a rather cheapo pH meter that wasn’t super accurate, I wasn’t watering until there was runoff, and I was adding supplemental nutrients to my Fox Farm soil. If you’re using Fox Farm soil with any supplemental nutes, you HAVE to be mindful of your nitrogen levels.
I really didn’t have any luck getting rid of those light markings until I stopped using FF soil and started using Promix soil, adding my own custom amounts of perlite and switching from FF nutrients to a more advanced nutrient brand which allowed me to customize my nutrient program.
Now, with aaaaaallllll of that being said: even when I did have plants with those markings, they veg’ed relatively well and did produce a decent yield. Not quuuiiiite as much as my other girls, but I still got something out of her.


My jack harra did that, it went away after a while

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Harlequin. Usually get one or two leaves on a plant at some point. Nothing to be concerned about. It will not go away.


Thanks for the help everyone! Re calibrated my ph meter and I just gave them their first feeding but I plan on keeping light.

Everything looks good today

I couldn’t find any other reason for my plants. Not sure it’s TMV. But ??Only a couple plants had the twisted and multi colored leaves. All healthy otherwise. Until late in flower it seemed to really take over some stems and the buds are affected.
Now only 2-3 weeks left so not much to do but ?? May cut the affected branches off if gets worse

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Yours almost looks like variegation. If it is, it’s a genetic thing and won’t affect the plant negatively

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That’s what I was thinking because 2 out of 15 did this from birth. But at week 8 of flower the buds are smaller where this is most prevalent.
I’m just letting it play out from here

Nothing there to worry about. FYI Tobacco Mosaic Virus is fairly rare.


Everything ended up fine! we’re about 2 weeks from harvest and looking at the plants now, you cant even tell which one had the issue


just adding a pic of mine too so more folks can see this is a genetic thing and not TMV… i went through that whole panic, too! every leaf on this gigantic plant looked like this.

congrats on the upcoming harvest!

Similar look on my WWA… been like this since she sprouted!

That is variegation. Genetic anomaly, not harmful.

Yup! I call them ‘Harlequin’.

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Good day.
Had anyone ever seen something like this?

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