Plant may go in the garbage, PLEASE HELP

I went on a two weeks vacation day before hurricane IAN hit Virginia and 4 weeks before my plant harvest time so my wife friend have the job just to water the plant. Well electricity went off during the storm and the timer went off, my wife friend couldn’t fix the timer so when I got back I realised my 17 weeks project from a nice female turn to a herm.

I just walked in the house and I got pissed, exhaust vent was out, the whole house is smelling like pot, I cut off that nice female plant that turn to a herm. and throw it in trash bag ready to go in the dumpster, all the hairs looks brown is it worth drying it out or just ditch it?

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Put some better pictures up so everyone can see from that picture i would harvest like normal and reap the seeds

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What was the rh like in that time? gotta watch out for mold as we’ll.

Dry it, it’s still smokable. No longer primo bud, but better than buying dispensary weed. You can always make butter or tinctures and cook with it.


Same thought here

Wash thoroughly in peroxide and water- 1 cup peroxide to 5 gallons water. If mold was a risk. 2 cups peroxide.


I would still thank her for doing what she said she would do. She did try to fix the timer. It is understandable that she couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I doubt my better half could figure that out.


Mate i would of dried it out and made bubble hash or made oil or cannabutter or you can press it and make rosin ,just because it hermied doesnt mean its not a good smoke or good to make other products with


I made hash out of my last hermie. The weed itself is no different than what we all smoked back in the 70s. Not as potent, but still gets the job done.


Harvest it. Make edibles.

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