What to do with a herm

So i had this black widow photo that was goin great but got stressed and hermed. I took it down and its drying but gonna be a lot of work to smoke. It was full of trichs when i chopped it. Must be some way to salvage something?

That sucks man.i don’t have experience with a Hermie, but am sure someone will come along to help.

Maybe make some hash…i had 2 turn hermie ever so slightlyyyy i amputated the immature pollen balls well ahead of time and kept an exteme eye on the 4x4 of 9 plants…well they all seeded. Next time ill be killing hermies on sight! You made a good call. Throw it thru some bubble bags!

yeah you can make edibles, budder out of it! You can dry sift it for hash, you can dry ice it, or bubble bag it.

Smoke it. I never understood why someone would spend 5months growing a plant, and just throw it away because it had some seeds


Yeah, I remember the first 15 years of bag weed full of seeds

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Yeah what i can get is good weed. Its got another few days to go before its good and dry but i will be sifting lol.