Should i grow or just pull

Got seeds a hermi i guess what should i do got 3 weeks left should i just pull and start over or carry on till the end

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you can still get smokable buds out of it, just lots of seed, if you need some smoke finish it out, if you don’t start over.


You only have three weeks to go,I’d keep the plant. All the time you put into the grow to just throw it away. You can still smoke the bud. I also have a friend who’s grown hermi seeds into really nice plants. If you ask me it’s a win win. :v:


Worst case, finish it out and use the bud for hash or edibles. Ive also grown hermie seeds into some fine plants.


LOL in the 80’s , all of the weed had seeds ,A hole in your car seats or in your sweatpants was par for the course . If your are growing in a tent . A detailed cleaning is required before the next grow.


Just harvest the seeds. The stresses that caused that plant to hermie means that the genetics of that plant may be prone to hermie, but doesn’t guarantee it will.

Think as the seeds as a chance to experiment with germinating and growing without every mistake costing $10-$20 a seed. Doesn’t hurt as much if they fail. I got a bunch of Amnesia Haze autoflower seeds when one of my plants hermied.

I always wanted to try a SOG, but figured I’d have to do it with clones, but now that I have a bunch of seeds…