Pigeon poo on marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

Thing is i can’t get bat guano or seabird but i can get some pigeon droppings!

would this work or is pigeon poo any good for fertilizer ? I have a half bucket of dark brown liquid, you said to dilute. Is it important to filter it thoroughly?

I have five auto’s looking great now, planted on 1st June and has just shown first pistils within the past week. Should i start with the Grotek’s ‘Monster Bloom (0-50-30) along with usual nuets, Phostrogen (all purpose plant food). Is it ok to use Monster Bloom along with the Pigeon poop?

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I am stumped as to Pigeon Poo. Never heard of it being used in a my years.

Who is “you” Who told you to dilute pigeon poo? :smiley:

Wow, I have researched a lot and never heard of that being used. But I’m sure he didn’t hear from here.
Maybe when mixing your soil before planting, but not for feeding.


The only time I heard of pigeon poo is a Blueberry grow that was outside that was planted under an old coop. That plant was monsterous ! I have used bat guano but never pigeon. Maybe a new emerging market??!! lol


There are fertilizers that use chicken poo, I don’t see why one couldn’t use pigeon poo, if you know how to make fertilizers or compost with it.