To use or not to use? MGno?

I see the post about miracle gro and most of y’all say miracle no…
for my self, and many of you, I see that the price tag on setting up and caring for plants is a big issue. (I am a broke Mfer lol) I find much of the material I use and make my own fertilizer, chicken waste and fish mostly. a friend gave me a box MGno rose food, it says on the box it will not harm any flowering plants, it has the values of 18-24-16. I wont be able to buy any fertilizer, any time soon. problem is, the soil isn’t good for any kind of crops and I know that my ladies will benefit from some kind of feeding so should I use the MGno or the home brew or…
your thoughts, please and thank you?

I wouldnt use the cancer causeing crap on anything i plan on touching i use foxfarm newts and i have not been disappointed yet did a grow with just newts and it turned out flame. In the middle of a grow right now almost done and used the newt and their booster line of newts and All i can say is wow.
from a few weeks ago…


down the road I will most likely be using FF, many folks have recommended FF and from what I can tell its good fertilizer
and what stuff is known to be “cancer causing”?

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Oh and use their soil too its awesome and the plants love it only down side i have notice is it ability to soak water up right away tends to pool and then run off befor it can be absorbed

I understand what it’s like to try and make do with what you can find. check out my journal if you get the chance. What I learned from my first grow(now) is the soil is important. My plant couldn’t get off the ground before I changed hers. I know chicken poop and that is very good fertilizer. I don’t know where you are, but since the planting season is dying down in most places you can get a bag of pretty good soil cheap at most walmarts, etc. it may not be FF, but you have to go with what you can. Look at the section on plant deficiencies with pictures so you will be able to catch any problems as soon as they start. I also bought an organic epsoma grow formula for around ten bucks a bottle. Ebay has FF in single bottles, so you can just buy the one you need for now if that is something you can do. These are just a couple thoughts from a very poor, new grower.


oh, and plants love the nitrogen, so if you add a little pee to your water, if you don’t have good nutes, at least they will get the N. Also I was told coffee grounds will do the same thing.


I know it sounds gross but I do have access to a hog farm where they harvest the urine and poo but that stuff is put on the fields before crops get planted, I think It might be too rich though…

I have no idea how potent that stuff is…like you said it might just be too much. I know bat poop is awesome for them, and it is an ingredient in a lot of plant foods. Maybe just a tiny bit mixed in with the weak soil would be ok though? I don’t know if you paid for the seeds, or were able to get the feely, but if free, it wouldn’t hurt to experiment a little.

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I agree, I started this grow to have fun, experiment a little, and to learn. I’m not worried about killing them I’m just trying to avoid over stressing them
thx :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have on hand.
As for the rose nitrients you posted those would be better suited being used once the plant starts to flower it is high in phosphorus which is more suited for flowering plants.
If it were me I personally would use the chicken manure to start off with, I think that would be more suited for a vegging plant.
Depending on the miracle grow soil you are using it may already have some nutrients in it already so you will want to check and be sure what is in the soil before you add any additional nutrients. The soil itself might have enough nutrients to sustain your grow for a while. But that would depend on which type of miracle grownsoil you are using.

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the soil bed they are in is mostly cheap potting and top soil, where I’m at most of the earth is clay and quartz rock.
I had to dig out for the bed and I went down about 2 1/2’ at about 18" wide.
I plan on moving indoors in the future and laying out a more serious grow
I don’t think there was much in the way of nutrients in the soil at all

I’ve read here that chicken manure is considered too “hot” for mj.

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Try watering your plants a little at a time. I had the same problem trying to give my plants water all at once and it would run off fast. I now water slower and a little at a time. I give one plant some water and move to the next while that absorbs then I repeat the cycle until my girls have the water they need.


I know I’m a heretic, but Miracle Grow has worked fine for me for years. I use either MG for tomatoes or Miracid. For the flowering phase I think what you have would do just fine. Back off to about half strength and ramp up

I’m going to use Tiger Bloom this year, about $20 a bottle locally.

I make edibles and don’t smoke it.

No doubt, dedicated marijuana-specific fertilizers would get you more yield.

Have fun. It doesn’t have to be high-dollar rocket science.


Can u tag me in your 1st grow ? I’m doing some documentations for my grow by compare and contrast

I suppose. Do you want details none spared? And nice to meet you Itsvizzle