Phytium! or root rot etc

From a fellow grower:

I’ve used and am using the Hygrozyme, FF microbe brew, kangaroots, great white, and all the good bacteria and mycorrhizal stuff. However, I’ve heard the rr never goes away and will stay in my system etc. I would love to maintain aggressive growth throughout every phase, so…question: Is that possible? And, I’m currently in a top feed, flood and drain recirculating system. How often should I time my waterings a per hour in veg? Or per day? 24hr light, 78°, RH 40%, with RO water UV sterilized…thank you! I’m looking forward in hearing if there’s anything further I can do to prevent that monster from showing its face again! Your sites awesome btw!!

After each grow you must totally clean everything. Wipe it down with mild bleach solution and rinse well after that.

Totally clean all medium. I use bleach solution in cases like this, and then Kleerex or any flush agent. (Removes all salts),(Bleach is a salt)

I believe root rot to be an issue caused by some sort of negligence in regards to reservoir temps, and other attributes. Once cleaned, and new solution is added and kept at the correct temperature, and pH; You should no longer have an issue.