Photoperiod ?'s from auto guy

1 and a half autoflower grows down and thinking of a photoperiod grow. I’ve heard to start them in small pots and transfer when large enough to have the root system be the best it can be. Run lights 18/6 Until I wanna put into flower ? Thinking of starting it in same cabinet as my auto getting 18/6 most days and 20/4 on weekends the auto will be chopped before I put it on 12/12. Sound good?


Is 3 gal enough for a regular plant? Seems easier to handle than a 5gal -headed to store in a bit for some supplies.

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Just left store didn’t know there was a sale. 1.5cf ocean forest $14
Dyna grow protekt. 8oz $6
One gal smart pot. $2
4.5 lbs of worm casting $5

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I got a whole bale of peat moss - is that stuff of any use? Was gonna either mix it with something for growing outside or dump it in the woods.

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Got a one gal smart pot figure I’ll have five bucks sometime in the next couple of months Builders sand or play sand? Couldn’t find it at Walmart last time. Maybe I’ll go to lowes

Got my Amazon cart set but I might adjust for some some sand Got perlite though already :+1:t2: might have to put back this hori hori knife. Trying to mix something up for outside veg. I got a feeling it’s gonna be a warm fall.

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Love me some gardening. Especially in a greenhouse. Quiet. Even my inner brain voice quiet Detached from time and space.

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Oh yeah. Last time I mixed brick coir with my ocean forest to mellow it a bit. Reckon that does anything?

From my understanding, you don’t have to change to 12/12 with autos. You could just leave them in veg conditions.

Makes them good for a summer harvest for us outdoor growers.


Got some protekt and magpro. Usually I use one at a time but found dynagro schedule. Just squirt in multiple nutrients into water at same time?

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