Advice for growing Non-auto's

Howdy, I have only grown Auto’s and I’m going to attempt to grow “Regular” feminized in as soon as I get the seeds. What if anything Should I know? I purchased a Mixed Pack of Sativa and I guess they get pretty Big so I don’t know if I should grow Two plants or just one. I’m anxious to to grow something better that will yield more than before so I only have to grow once a year. Advice or suggestions?

Not really, just take what you learned from your last grow, and use it.
I don’t worry too much about a plant getting too big, because you can control it, by super cropping, LST, or flipping to flower when it’s the appropriate size. Happy growing!


They just came in, I’m so Excited!!! Thanks so much! One more question: What Size container should I use? I have been using 3 gallon Smart Pots and I have a few 5 gallon ones as well. Should I assume to use the 5 gallon because they’re supposed to grow bigger?? TKS