Photo period started indoors

I am a new grower with minimal experience. I started a Panama Red photo period indoors. After getting the plant a good head start (- 5 weeks) I placed it outside after which it immediately went into bloom. I know my mistake was putting it out too early but my question is …What happens next? It does not show any signs of reverting to veg (which I have done before). Will it continue to flower all season until the fall and make buds the size of footballs or will it mature and finish early? Thanks fir the help.


I grow only on a 12/12 schedule start to finish. They will flower. Be patient Young Grasshopper. :+1::+1::+1:

It will revert to the vegetative stage which is not ideal.

The buds that are formed will actually start to rot and cause bud rot to spread across the plant.

The best thing to do is when you see it start to revert, harvest most of the larger buds and leave a few small ones at the bottom. New vegetative growth will come from those buds and the plant will flower as normal at mid to end of summer after growing vegetatively.

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Thanks for the reply and the info. I had heard they would revert if early enough in the season but I was concerned about the existing buds. Did not know they would rot. I discovered my light timer was fried so to speak and the plant was not on a 14/10 light schedule as I thought. It had actually been on a 20/4 schedule for 2 weeks. Massive power issues multiple tornadoes too close.

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Sorry to hear that. I would definitely cut the buds off once you can differentiate between buds and new shoot growth.