Ph Level of soil

I bought one of those 4 in 1 probes to check the ph of the soil and haven’t used it yet but keep reading that they are pretty inaccurate in reading the ph. I also bought a ph tester for the water but my question is - is there any other way or tester to check the ph of the soil besides collecting and testing the runoff?

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Bluelab makes a soil ph probe that is accurate and I think it works as a moisture meter too. They are expensive but they look like they are worth the coin. I believe they also have some type of probe that stays in the soil as well and displays the ph in real time at all times… They have all sorts of high tech probes check them out Bluelab


You can always disolve a tablespoon of your soil into a couple of ounces of 6.5 pH water and see what you get for a reading.

Collecting and measuring runoff is really not difficult.


That’s what I’m talk’n bout @bob31! I’m bout to make a big “batch” of soil for my outdoor spots and that 4 in 1 thingamabobber has me leery now on reading the ph

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You just need the one for the water.

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I wouldn’t waste your time or money on the soil probes. They’re only good for testing the moisture in the soil.