Soil ph meter wit to probes

Does anyone have experience using those soil ph meters that you stick down in the soil? Should I trust them and also what’s a good way to lower PH fast? I’m at about 7.5 to 8 according to the meter I’m using…here are a few pics of my girls Lebron, Jordan and Kobe


I alway like having a back up. Just incase it is off. Always good to be safe. Looking very nice keep it up the good work. Soil is a little high

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Usually those probes are pretty inaccurate. Before you do anything drastic I would use a normal ph meter and check your runoff after you water.


Yeah I’m with sick on this one those meters are unreliable at best, trash at worst.


Ok thanks, I’ll get a better meter

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Affordable tds and ec
Ph meter.

That is the exact one I was looking at…$20 on Amazon for the pair

They seem only for checking the ph of the water? Can I check the soil ph with it?

I take a sample of my soil and make a slury let sit for 24hrs then strain soil out with water remaining test water i also use


I’ll give it a try

I use these when needed and are accurate
Also have the $12 ones and they are not as accurate
It’s due to if the soil is too dry or too wet.

I also have the liquid ph and tds meters but don’t use them anymore

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I use a apera, I had the 20 dollar set but it became inaccurate and needed calibration and would not work after that

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What I have… Other cheaper ones to me actually work fine in my opinion but they need calibrated a lot more why I bought this…


I have 2 of those yellow ones I use for back up just in case. Get in on eBay for cheap… I think one manufacturer makes those yellow ones and places print there name on them they all look to be the same but different brands. They work fine but got tired of buying calibration solution and I was to a point of calibrating them damn near every week to a week and a half. Never off to severely but enough it bothered me. Makes a difference if your ph’ing up/down dosing. Yup! :blush:


After ph up down ur killing beneficial micros in the soil must use some type of mycorrhizae after pH Up and Down always after. Is ur using non organics solutions