Ph during flower

I’m a week and a half into flower. My plants look good, I’m just anticipating problems.

I’ve had low Runoff Ph problems since the beginning.

I flushed and could only get my PH up to 6.0.

I’m feeding/watering at 7.0.

Runoff PH is now 5.9.

Should i put some lime on the top of my 6gallon pots?

@Hellraiser @Myfriendis410

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What are you growing in? What media? Assuming soil but WHAT soil?

I started in 3gal FFOF, then transplanted into 6gal happy frog @Myfriendis410

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5.9 is fine. I think you are on top of it and if you wanted to add some dolomite lime; go ahead.


Yeah 5.9 runoff is fine, I’d say even down to 5.6 is fine as well, the peat moss and metabolites released from the plant’s roots are going to make any water going through it a bit acidic.


Thanks for the reassurance.


Like @Hellraiser pointed out as roots die they acidify the medium so you will inevitably see some reduction in PH. Pot size and length of grow play a big roll in that happening.


Your plants looking very happy !

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