Ph question of run off water

My run off water is 5.9 ph. When I water it 6.7 ph. Do these numbers sound right?

A salt buildup from nutes can drive your runoff pH down. I generally flush when I see this issue, which I usually see around about the 4th week of flowering given the way I feed.

How big is the pot you’re using?

3 1/2 gal pot tent is to small for 5 gal. I have 4 girls going. 2 northern lights,1 amnesia, and 1 gold leaf

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How far along are they?

one is 5 weeks the rest are 3 weeks. they look great. short and bushy and stout.

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I’d suggest using some dolomite lime to help buffer the soil. That should help keep the ph in check.

Second thing is pot size. As the plants get bigger their roots will take over the pots. As the roots do this they cause the soil to become more acidic. Better known as root bound. If the dolomite doesn’t work being root bound could be the problem.

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What is the PH of just the soil? Is it the soils’s PH or something else?

soil 6.0 I use 6.7 ph for watering and the run off in bottom pan is 5.4 ph

Odd 1 + 1 doesn’t = 2. Like @shindig153 recommended. See if dolomite limestone balances it.

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