Pest or deficiency?

I’ve noticed leaves that look like this and I’m not sure if it’s nutrient related or pest.

I have 5 1 gals quarantined in a smaller tent. Kinda has me nervous.

I don’t want to take any chances. Id rather avoid any pest if possible. I need to get a mother tree. But have no real space for one instead of purchasing smh

That is a magnesium deficiency. What are you feeding the plant?


Just picked them from a “trusted” source but I guess you can never be to careful. Light nutrients with cal mag. Coco so I’m assuming they were fed every other day or so. Still relatively small. Thanks for the input. Just never real seen this before. I’m real paranoid because I have dealt with root aphids before. That sucked


Nutrient deficiency is definitely easier to deal with than bugs. But see no sign of bug damage from that pic.


Yep, @BobbyDigital nailed it, need magnesium.


Any chance your ph has just been low? If I remember correctly magnesium is pretty easy to lock out in coco with ph low.


Ph has killed me before. I watch carefully now. Calmag and some molasses works wonders.