Personal growing advice

From a fellow grower:

am considering using a scrog or similar to increase cola yield and overall yield. Is there any limitation to how far i can train my plants and would you recommend or not reccomend that metgod? If possible, would you advise light below and beside as well as above on a reduced overlapping cycle with the lights above to improve growth speed and health and yield and pitency? Any other tips would be appreciated. I need to hide these plants from even my flat mates, so a scrog would seem to my amateur mind yo be a good potential way of increasing yield with less height and plants until I have a larger space to grow. Is there anything you can reccommend for a very private grow ( i haven’t and won’t tell anybody ) but im not sure what else to expect. I also wanted to know how to evaluate the golden leaf’s health as they start at yellow gold. If I want roughly 2 1/2 pounds each harvest of cured buds, could you possibly let me know? And how tall should I make my grow tank and how wide per plant?

As far as lights are concerned, i’ve been planning on placing my plants on a lazy suzan (rotating food service platter) and to ensure even light coverage, i planned to affix a clock motor to the lights on a pivot of a sort, however while that increases the portions of the leaves exposed from above, it does not direct any light to the underside of the leaves. I am wondering if a light fitted to the floor or base of my grow space directed upwards towards the underside of the leaves would help my plants along?

Im also curious as to whether my female plants will ever be able to produce male plants without a male plant nearby to pollinate them?

Could you possibly give me some advice on how much space i need to allow for my plants and lights within my grow space, per plant and how much of a negative impact limiting their height could have on yield if i train out the heights along a scrog as much as possible. Will it continue to grow along the scrog until i change the light cycle or is that limited by the size of the plant and is there any negative effects from using carbon dioxide from vinegar/bicarbonate soda?

Is there a method of determining how much vinegar and bicarb or gas regulated CO2 per plant in different stages that you would reccommend? Is there any other methods i can use to increase yield, potency and the speed of my grow?

Do you reccommend a particular grow medium or soil type over others for germinating and growing healthy, strong, rapidly growing, high CBD plants and is there anything i can do to increase the likelihood of it helping somebody with severe epilepsy/cancer/anxiety attacks/depression and how would you reccommend they consume it and my final question is do you have any strains with almost no thc but lots of cbd and other components that could help an epileptic child who without a miracle of some sort - or the right diet and cannabis concentrates.

Im a grow-virgin so please don’t go too quickly and be gentle, this is a big step for me and quite a big risk for me, so i need all the help i can get.

You may not need more lights. You can remove some of your large leaves to allow light in and expose more bud sights. More branching is only good up to a point. The plant will put more energy into the tips with the most light. It also helps to remove all under growth that will never produce well. This allows the plant to send all it’s resources to the best buds and not waste.

Plants use no co2 during dark period.