Panda Film or Mylar

High all,
New here and new grower as well.
Just sprouted 4 purple kush autos. I need to grow them in my basement and there isn’t anyway to put a tent in with straight line walls anyway. I was going to staple mylar blankets to the floor joists above but then ran across panda film in another thread. Which to you think would work best.
I think I’m getting this light kit from HGL: 320xl V2
Thanks in advance for any help.

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I would go with what’s in budget. Both work. If you go with Mylar make sure it’s diamond mylar. Diffuses the light better so you don’t get hotspots.


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Thanks for the welcoming. I’m leaning towards the panda film for durability, Add the lights and an inline vent and I think I’d be set for a bit.

welcome to the community. cant go wrong with HLG

I’m not sure what you would gain by covering the ceiling since the light is pointed down. Just to cover the joists is one thing but I would think any light gain would be minimal.
I used PVC pipe to make a light tower and wrapped three sides with Permaflect Fabric
320 is a great light choice for a 2x4
I have three 260s

No, I won’t be covering the ceiling. I only meant I’ll be attaching the panda film walls to the floor joists. probably just screw wood strips on top of the panda film and into the joist to hang the walls down.