Pale leaves on new seedlings

Hi, I’m a first time grower. I have 3 plants that started strong and they were growing fast, but they seems to have slowed and are becoming pale. The one in the picture is turning white on the tip. I think I might have started off by watering it too much and caused a nitrogen deficiency, but confirmation or other advice would be appreciated. Grow medium is Kellogg Organic Raised bed/potting soil. (That’s what I was able to get due to covid) The ph is just around 7. The are placed outside early in the morning and brought in at the end of the day. They are getting about 9 hours of full sun. My plan was to move them to a better location once they were a little more established. Temp had been in high 70s to low 80s.

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It looks fine to me. I think your good.

What soil you got it in?

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It’s the Kellogg Raised Bed/Potting Soil. It was all I was able to get right now. Thank for the reply!

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Im not familiar with that soil. You in US?

If your soil is ok for cannabis you shouldnt have a problem. Plants look ok but they got roots down and will start absorbing nutes from the soil(if its there) and shoot rite up.

@Drinkslinger @Hellraiser @dbrn32 anyone heard of this soil?

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Keep the humidity up. 80% is a good start. Use a clear humidity dome over the seedling. Spray water into the dome several times /day. Be sure to have multiple drainage holes in the cup.

Seedlings need more than 8 hrs of light/ day.
I use 24 hrs /day for the first few weeks.

The “white” almost looks like wpm…


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I think your plant looks pretty good. It’s extremely unlikely you will ever get a nitrogen deficiency on plant that small. The plant has green cotyledons, that will supply everything plant needs while establishing root system.

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I agree. Too early for signs of deficiency. If anything, I would slow down on the watering and use a dome as recommended.

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Thank you! Yes, I’m in the US (California). I just got the soil and there is plenty of drainage. I’ll look for something to use as a dome.

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I’m also a newbie and used clear solo cups on top as a dome, thanks to a suggestion made here on this forum. Spray the inside of the cup w water and put it on top of the red solo cup.