Overfertilized! Nute burn, recovery time, when to start feeding again?

Strain; 3x ILGM Sour Diesel
Soil in: 7 gallon cloth pots Promix HP
System type? first timer outdoor grow in Promix
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? NA
What is strength of nutrient mix? 1000 ppm x 2 times in short time period (whoops)
Indoor or Outdoor: OUTDOOR
Light system, size? :SUN, direct & indirect
Temps; ~60s f night 80f-100f day
Humidity; 40-80
Ventilation system; NA
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, NA
Co2; Yes, No NA

Hey everyone,
It’s my first attempt at an outdoor legal grow in California, and I’ve been learning a lot along the way. Going to jump right into the issue and question at hand…
I managed to overfertilize my plants about 1 week into flowering, and 2 of my 3 plants ended up with burned leaves. I got really excited to see buds all over the place and dosed them twice in one week with about 1000 ppm of a combo of Grow Big, Big Bloom, & Tiger Bloom. The day after the second dose, the fresh growing leaves that sucked up all the nutes started showing signs of damage. OOPS! Burnt crispy leaves all over, flushed them all really well… the plants are still growing (slowly), and I have been picking the damaged leaves off over the course of 2 weeks, as new ones have sprouted with minimal signs of stress.
For whatever reason, my #3 plant is doing great, strong stems, spongy buds with frosty trichomes all over. The extra dose didn’t seem to slow it down at all. #1 & #2 have buds, but are still recovering from shock and stunted flowering, with much less trichomes, and overall weaker plants.
Here’s my question- when will it be safe to start feeding again? I’m seeing quite a bit of yellowing of older fan leaves and expect the plants probably need some food again at some point. I’m concerned that the overdose of nutes is still stored throughout the plants and adding more will just cause more problems.
FWIW, PPM of runoff is nearly the same as the water going in, so there doesn’t appear to be any buildup in the medium. I’ve been watering with clear PH’d water for about 2 weeks.
Flowering started around August 1st, so they’re nearly a month into the flower cycle.

First signs of overfertilization:

A few days later:

Another angle:

#3 plant is producing nice flowers!

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Do you have a tds meter if so I would check the run of of the plants next watering this way you know where you at and then you can decide if you need to feed again
The burnt leaves won’t come back so as long as new growth is good lesson learned :+1:

Thanks for the reply. Runoff has been looking good @ only 200 ppm higher than the water going in. We have pretty hard water out here- 330ppm and it’s coming out at 500 for at least a week now.

Planning on a mild feeding (1/5th of what the bottles say) w Big Bloom & Tiger Bloom in a couple days if it’s safe to do so.

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@Trav I would mix full and feed less
I have high ppm about the same 300 or so and that’s what I do you want to be in the 1500 ppm range I would say


@Countryboyjvd1971 is that 1500 nute mix going in or coming out