Support ticket: Nute burn? Help!

I’m worried I have hurt my babies. Please help me figure out what’s happening.

• Strain: Bruce Banner, Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies Extreme (All from ILGM) Autoflowers

• Method: Soil

Soil brand and type: FF Ocean Forest with Happy Frog on top 2 inches

• Vessels: Fabric grow bags

• PH of Water, Solution, runoff: Don’t know, I water with my house water.

• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable: I’m not sure what this means. I’m using FF Grow Big, Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom.

• Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor

• Temps; Day, Night: It’s been Mid 90’s with high humidity during the day and high 70s at night.

• Humidity; Day, Night: High

I have a group of autoflowers going. 8 weeks old, buds are forming good. Grown in FF Ocean Forest soil with Happy Frog on top 2 inches. No nutes given until week 6, and that was half the feeding schedule suggested strength of Grow Big (1 tsp) + Big Bloom (1.5 tsp). 1 quart per plant in the 7 gallon fabric bags. All is well.

2 weeks later, yesterday, I gave them another quart each of the same blend, but added 1 tsp of Tiger Bloom. This is following the FF feeding suggestions, but all at half strength.

This morning I’m finding spots on some of the leaves for the first time. I’m seeing what looks like possible drying hairs on the buds. Some of the leaves at the top of the buds are curling slightly at the edges. Basically, I see some things that have me crazy nervous.

Clearly I’m trying to go very easy with the nutes. Last season I fried my two best
plants with fertilizer. I’m not wanting to do that again. Please help me figure out what to do, or if I’m worrying too much.

Let’s see an overall shot of plants please.

Do you have some kind of anti pest program? Outdoor growing requires keeping on top of that to prevent infestations leading up to bud rot.

Look at getting some ‘Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew’ and ‘Safer Caterpillar Killer’: both of these products target different insects and both use a specific bacterium to achieve this. Products can be sprayed up to the day of harvest but plan on doing a peroxide bud wash.

If you are container growing you need to buy and use both a PH and TDS meter. Any time you supplement it will make the job way easier. Or even possible.


I would suspect a mold of some type. A dilute hydrogen peroxide spray will kill it.

pH and PPM meters are things that are needed for a productive grow to ensure that your soil is in good ranges for a healthy plant. It looks a little overfed too. I would feed water only for a couple of waterings to give your plant the chance to absorb excess nutrients.

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I’m with @MidwestGuy it does look like something growing on the leaves but I’ll add the last pic has some holes making me think someone is eating it

Oops the middle pic has holes

Here’s a few pics. Forgive all the peppers in the background.

Whole plant looks great overall, I think. I tied the lower branches down to get more sunlight and grow fuller buds.

Here’s one of my worry spots. There were no spots on any leaves at all yesterday. The leaves around the bud weren’t curling either.

I took a soil PH reading using distilled water. Is this too acidic?

As far as pesticides, I use Organocide Bee Safe on all of my garden vegetables, flowers and the ladies.

I’m going to reapply the pesticide to the whole garden today, so hoping that helps.

I’m a teacher, so summers are work-free. I’m able to constantly monitor my garden. These definitely appeared this morning.

I’m stressed that I’m killing my medicine.

Thanks for the help.

I’ll have to try that hydrogen peroxide mix. I’ve read about that before but never tried it. Thanks

They look fairly healthy other than those few blemishes. I won’t ignore the issue, but I don’t think it is going to “kill” your plant.

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If it is mildew or aphids that Bee Safe will work to clear it up. Just spray 3-5 days in a row right at dusk.

I had to spray mine for 5 days, waited 5 days and sprayed for 5 days.

I now spray them twice a week and have been good.

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White splotches look like aphids to me. Look under your leaves for bugs.

Love me some chilies!
My yard looks just like that.
I have Jalapenos, Poblanos and Tepins

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Just don’t let it happen again.

I’ve never seen one of these testers. Looks green. Is it green(ish)? I strive for a neutral medium.

Well, relax. You’re doing fine.



I accidentally destroyed two super healthy plants last year after some fertilizer. I’m super nervous, so thanks for helping me relax a bit.

What do you think about the PH?

I can’t read the pic you’ve put up. Not familiar with the reading chart. It seems to say that pH is between 6.5 and 7? You’re good, if so.


Well, don’t do that again and you should be good.

Green (or brownish) is good. Yellow or red is bad (or getting there).

Ha… Love our peppers too… Red and green Bells, poblano, jalapeno, garden salsa, and 8 huge banana pepper plants… Lots of tomatoes, cukes and eggplant also. Love my garden…

Try out some Tepins sometime.
Dried and ground up they have a nice heat, with a hint of sweet and Smokey. Delightful on pizza or whatever. They are thin skinned and dry very quickly.

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Thanks for all the help… Feeling a little more relaxed about it. Gonna apply the Organocide today and keep a careful eye on them.

I appreciate this helpful community. I don’t post often, but I have read tons of incredible advice here. This is the best place to get growing information. Thanks again.


I was checking out a different forum yesterday and it was awful.
People insulting each other, bashing each others comments and calling their grows all kinds of ugly things.
This forum is a haven for those who just want to grow for themselves.


Be sure to have lots of stackable risers. So much effort is made to have an even canopy in a grow tent. If your weed grows to tall or, god forbid, the tomatoes, you can stack risers under the pot to elevate it up to the level of the others.

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