Outdoor White Widow Auto- first time grow

Ok so I have three seedlings all in FF happy frog soil. Two were planted 6/19 and one on 6/18. I have the pics below. I plan on growing them outiside in a hoop house covered raised garden bed box. My question is should I leave them outside in the full sun at 85-90 degree temps and all night at 60-58 degree temps? As of now I keep them outside from 9am-7pm and they are in partial sun or shade most of the day. I bring them inside at night and keep them on a window ledge so they catch the morning sun before I put them out for the day. Do they look ok? Should I keep doing what I’m doing or what? I mist them daily.
Plant one:

Plant two:

Plant three (not sure what’s up with this one):

The photo of plant three will not upload. Standby for the pic my bad. I’ll try to figure it out.

At that stage I’d keep them covered with a clear plastic cup regardless of where they are. Those plants are super tender at that stage, and full sun would probably destroy them. Increase their humidity, give them mild light (is shade cloth an option?), and watch them take off.

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If your plants germinated under full sun, then they are perfectly adapted to the full sun. If they are started under lights or in partial sun to shade, there will have to be a transition stage to harden them off. I have 9 Afghan Kush seedlings about the same size as your plants that germinated under full sun and they get almost 9 hours of direct sun every day, since germination.
Might I suggest, not using a dome over them in direct sun, without proper ventilation. Full sun and a dome will cook a seedling really fast.

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Hmmmm ok what about bringing them in at night? Should I keep doing that?

Hardening off plants is more about changing humidity than light. That’s why we harden off greenhouse seedlings before field planting them; they need to adjust to the full intensity of the entire environment, sun/temp/humidity.

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Yes, they do need to acclimate to the entire environment, but not everyone is going from a greenhouse to outside. If you have plants under lights, they’ll need to be hardened off to the intensity of the sun, as I mentioned because OP has their plants in shade outside, not a greenhouse.
Idk why you’re trying to inform me. I’m not the one requesting information here.

I meant no offense.

Ok so I will leave them outside then. They did fine last night, it’s in the 90s during the day so I’m leaving them in indirect sunlight for now. I don’t have anything to make a done out of. Is that something that is important or can I bypass that? @KeystoneCops

Do they look leggy?

Typically people will use a take out soup container, a clear disposable cup, a 2 liter bottle, a vase, or a glass. I’m sure you can find something.

As was mentioned, you don’t want to put the domed plants in direct sun, since that greenhouse effect can run away at this point in the Summer.

You can get away with skipping the domes, but I think you’d benefit from using them.


I’m currently doing an indoor/outdoor auto grow, also. I sprouted my girls in full sun and they stay in full sun. The exception is the one I have in flower. I bring her in every night to check for bugs or signs of problems, then I put her under lights. Never used a dome. Never did anything weird with my watering…

Don’t stress about it too much. They’re more resilient than people give them credit for.

If you think they’re looking leggy, that’s because they want full sun, but they’ll need to be hardened off. Put them in direct sunlight for an hour at a time each day. Then 2 hours, and so forth.
Cannabis is a sun hog.

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Ok I’ll try that thanks!

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When should I move them into 5 gallon cloth pots? I ordered them and they’ll be here July 10th. @KeystoneCops @Growyourown

You’re probably good up to the fourth node in those pots, but keep an eye on them, if they seem to stall out before then, they’re either root bound or have used up all the nutrients in the soil and you should go ahead and pot up.


Ok. Do plants grown under lights indoors grow faster than outdoor grows?I looked up 2 week old auto flowers and they were huge compared to mine! I am due :baby:t2: at the end of September and will be down for the count for a few weeks so I’m trying to harvest before September 29th. Do you think this will be possible?

On the back of @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie I’d note that before I up-pot I like to see the plant root out the current container to the point I can lift the plant out with its soil/root system intact. You’re weeks from that, best case scenario.

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Also what are nodes :eyes: :joy: I’m sorry.

Congrats on the babeh, but I would find a trusted friend to help with the trimming and line that up in advance. Either they trim, or they schlep the swaddling while you trim.

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