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Hi everyone I’m new here and not realy sure if I’m on the rite place. But i live in the states east Tennessee and have a question? Can u grow inside untill it starts flowering a couple weeks then take it outside to finish. Thanks guys for any advice.

Yes you can as long as you continue the same light cycle outside, having the light come on at the same time the sun comes up outdoors and then having the lights go out about the same time outdoors and assuming outdoors will continue to give the plant the uninterpreted 12 hours of darkness for flowering, if it is still more in the summer time and the nights are not 12 hours long, you can cover the plant with something light proof at the same time of day in the evening to simulate the autumn sunlight photo cycle.

Cannabis farmers all over the world; Do exactly that. Start inside and allowing the plant to strengthen its root system before placing in an outside grow environment.

Pay attention to your plants, when you do. Peace

My white widow has been growing inside for 7 weeks now and it been flowering for for 8 days now. white hairs everywere. Can i still take it outsid. I got a bag seed been growing outside since may and its budding like crazy and its almost august. So do i still need to cover it. Sorry if i board u all but I’m new here and i have a few more questions. But thanks guys.

I just made a post but not sure if it got out. But the white widow inside is flowering now and has been for a week now. can i still take it outside. I live in Tennessee but thanks for any advice.

Check with your local observatory, or do a web search, or check your local farmer’s almanac, are you getting at least 11 hours of total darkness? Some strains need the solid 12 hours of darkness to flower without causing hormone problems that can lead to hermaphrodite male flowers showing up on your nugs. If you are already using the 12 hour dark period indoors, you need to replicate that outdoors, you don’t want the plant thinking winter is over and days are getting longer again, that will cause hermaphrodites, almost guaranteed in flowers that are well developed and can also lead to “monster cropping” growth as the plant returns to a vegetative spring/summer season growth cycle. So you are probably not getting the right amount of darkness yet as the average for north america, the night doesn’t start to get 12 hours long until about Sep. 25. I kinda already said this above but I don’t mind elaborating and clarifying for new people, It’s sometimes hard for us experienced folks to understand what you might not know yet.

Days are fetting shorter every day from here on out. Temps will cool down. I thin k you could place this plant outside, but I would put it near a tree that allows for partial shade from time to time during the day, as the Suns angle changes throughout the day.

I think i got all that inside outside grow down pat. Ones 12/12 always 12/12. I only got one. inside and 2 outside. And one of the ones is a bagseed. And i started it in may outside and it started flowering 2 weeks ago. Everything else about them are good nice and green but growing about 1 half of an inch a day.But thanks my friend for the help. By the eay i live in Tennessee . One question. can u clone a flowering plant?

Yes, you can take a cutting from a flowering plant, it will “monstercrop”.

Thanks now ill grow all winter long and have some for a new summer. CLONE-CLONE away.

By the way I’m useing 3-42watt 2-26watt and 1-13watt all 2700k -cfls three to four inches away. Is that ok for 1 plant? Always Thanks.

I would have some 6500Ks even in flower, the extra blue can help keep internodes tight. and your lights are fine for one plant, depending on how you have your lights spread out around/above the plant, you might be able to grow a nice size plant, you could even add more lights to grow a bigger plant, since you are considering monster cropping you really need to learn to ScrOG as mentioned in the article from Robert for making the best use of all the numerous tops that grow out of the clone.

Yupper. Nothing wrong with having a full spectrum light attack! :smiley:

All rite, i just put a 6500k tube in with all the cfls. Thanks again, that bad boy or shall i say girl is growing like crazy. Very nice and green. And now with that 6500k it mite clime the walls.l.o.l O’yea the one outside is showing pre-flowers. Dam i love it. This makes my 3rd. grow and i think i got it all down pat. And thank u for tieing all my loose ends together. thanks.

Don’t know if I am in the right place but here goes. I am a newbie going to attempt growing Ganja Dwarf but can find little to no info on growing so I am BEGGING for experienced growers to answer a couple of questions for me please. #1 What is best size pot to use? #2 Do I top the Ganja Dwarf? #3 What lights should I use. I am only growing 3 plants at a time. #4 Do they require blooming fertilizer? Thank you for any help you can throw my way. Peace

The size of the pot depends on how big you want the plant to get.

I don’t know anything about “ganja dwarf” but pretty much all plants can be topped.

The lights you should use depends on many different factors, how much you are willing to spend to get started, how much you want to pay on your electric bill and how big you want the plants to get to name a few differing reasons. HID lights create a lot of heat and this will need to be dealt with if you go with a HID HPS or MH lights, but it is the least expensive light to get started with that will give the best results. LED lights require a lot more study and price shopping to get a good one, but they can give you amazing results. Here is a chart with a ton of info comparing various lights:

All cannabis plants will need a full regiment of fertilizer through their entire life cycle, especially bloom fertilizer during the blooming/flowering cycle, and you need “grow” fertilizer during the vegetative growth cycle before it reaches the flowering cycle.

Look around the forum to get a better idea of what you might want or need and when you have more questions feel free to ask, there are many many different ways to grow a healthy plant, a lot fo different factors come into play depending on your personal circumstances. Be sure to download the grow bible and read it as well.

Hello, Well I’m pretty new myself. I got 3 good years behind me. And I’m new here to. I just been reading and growing as i learn. But anyway those plants are short anyway, i would go from a 1 gallon to a three gallon, for those plants. And now here is a good chance for u to learn something. I would top one tie one down and let one just go. Thene see witch one u like… And as far as lights i would vegetate for about 3 weeks with about 4-42 watt 6500k and then load it up with about 10 42- watt 2700k and one 5600k. Ill try to help as much as i can, just ask.

Has any of u guys ever growed any white widow with 60. % indics and 40% sativs? Is probaly a crazy question but i just have a small question about that strain. thanks

Has any of u guys ever grow white widow.I know that may be a crazy question but i have a question about that strain. thanks.

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