Outdoor sunlight requirements

I’ve asked this before but I’m about to move my ladies outside, nervous about sunlight, and second guessing myself. I cleared a spot in my patch of woods but it still only gets maybe 4-5 hrs of full direct sunlight and the rest partial. I am already at a disadvantage, having started so late so I’d like to do everything I can to provide my girls with all that they need. I am not in a legal state so I need to keep it stealthy too. My house is easily seen from the road and is south facing but I could put them behind the house 5-10 ft out for direct sun most of the day. My SO also doesn’t want them in the yard and killing the grass. The only thing I can think of is building little carts to move my planters around. Then if we’re having company I can move them into the woods? I work from home so I can keep a decent look out.

What do you think? More secure and less light or mobile, less secure, and more light?

More light. Get one of those garden carts and put them in there, then you can roll them wherever you want.