Moving or camo tarping outside grow for a week

I am having a roofing job coming up soon and need to hide my girls, who are budding at this time, so where roofers cannot see my grow. I did buy a camouflage to cover it but it is not a netting type. Will keeping them under cover for a week hurt them or would you suggest moving indoors for the week. Can I put them in a room with lighting scheduled lights for a week be ok, then put them back outside when they are gone?

If you have the space Iā€™d definitely move them inside. Just set your lights on timers for the sun rise and sunset times.

You could buy some black sun blocking material (still lets in sun, just not as much) that you could cover your girls with too, but I would think that you would breathe easier knowing your plants were inside and safe from prying eyes lol.

ya, I think bringing inside will be best option.
Thanks for your input.

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