First non auto grow

I was given a nice healthy plant. My question is I want to grow outdoors do I need to put in the ground or can I use a 5 gallon Home Depot so that I can move it around if needed for privacy?


You don’t “need” to put it in the ground. Maybe get a large fabric pot for it. That way you would have usable handles at least.


They are fine in the pots. No need to plant if you don’t want to do that.


I’m dealing with the issue of no full sun because I have too many trees all around my yard. I plan to cart mine around for sun as much as possible. But an in ground plant is harder to steal if privacy is an issue.

Outside 1 plant get a 20 or 30 gallon and let her go lol. She will get so big noone can steal her she will b too big. Now buds might come up missing but the plant will most likely still b there lol.

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I have a couple 15 gallon pots that are going outside soon. If my other little catch up. There will be at least one


I so wish i could grow outside here. Shit would be. Crazy. I have a spot that gets major sun for alot of the day like atleast 7 to 9 hrs of all sun if i wanted but my shit would come up missing fast lol. Should try 1 auto outside and just stick it in shed at night and pull out every morning. I have like a 4 foot opening to get in and oit of my shed so it could work i guess.


I’d be more worried about smell being a draw of attention as far as privacy goes.

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Thanks for all the advice. I more want to be able to move them when necessary as to hide them when company is over.