Outdoor plants smell strong. Should I move them

Trying to figure out how/where to post questions in the forum. I apologize for likely doing it incorrectly.
I have a couple of white widow plants growing/flowering quite well. About 7 feet tall at this point. The problem is the odor is getting quite strong and I fear neighbors/mailmen/etc will be alerted to its presence. It currently gets 8 or so hours of sun where it is. I am tempted to move it to a more remote part of my yard that gets far less sun but the odor will be less noticeable. These are in pots so they will not be difficult to move. They have about a month left. Would anyone care to comment? Will I kill them?


When you say far less sun, how many hours ?

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Plants that big in full flower are gonna permeate the area with smells.
A bit more remote may help but prob not going to do much in the end.
Depends which way the wind blows really.
Good luck.

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I grow in plain sight, I live in the state that will NEVER legalize it, ppl here seem to not pay any attention to it being in my front yard in plain sight in a gray tote, now if I was to try an hide it they woulda had coppers all in the air, trust me, all I can say is they gonna need all the sun they can get, just my 2 pennies

No real direct sun. Maybe an hour, then dappled sunlight through thin trees and vines

I see. You got yourself a dilemma here buddy! Leave it be and it might get stolen, hide in the shade and your overall yield will suffer a bit because of lack of sun. You want at least 5 hours of direct light In my opinion.

So I won’t kill it? Just lessen yield?

Do yourself a favor leave them where they are and go to the hardware store get some moth balls for outside to deter squirrels and rabbits. That will take care of your smell issue real fast and nice like. It’s going to smell like moth balls and not dope. Trust me.


Interesting thought.

Try it out. It’s either that or move them.

Just tell your neighbors you have a pot plant and not to alert the police and make sure the mailman can’t see it?

be on good terms with your neighbors when you grow outdoor plants



Attitudes need to change now that laws are changing. It no longer has to be a secret. The old days of telling no one are over for many of us.

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