Sunshine hours for White Widow

How many hours of sunshine would auto fem white widow need? The place I need to plant them would have lots of morning sun, no afternoon or evening sun.

Auto Flowering pants need no light schedule to flower…so go for it my friend


Early day sun is best, especially in hot summer…
Iam planting mine to spots where they be in shade no later than 3 pm, otherwise the high elevation mountain sun will blast them too hard…

6 hours direct is good enough…

Happy growing

Thanks, good to know. What do we do about the soil that’s higher in ph. It’s about 7.3.

What do you mean, no schedule? I’m going to plant these outside as soon as frost leaves the ground and they are only going to get morning sun.

Mix in bunch canadian spagnum moss , it should lower the ph a bit, it works for blueberries…

Hey Bobbi, its not like you have a choice, any sun is better than none and morning sun is better than evening…
You be fine, no worries…

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I can do that, I have a bag in the shed. The area where the plants are going have wild raspberries growing right now, hoping they help camouflage the plants.

what i mean is Auto flowering plants need no light schedule to flower so the shad won’t bother them in flowering.


Autos are cross-bred with a type of canabis called Ruderalis. This makes them have all the punch of a sativa or indica but grow like commercial hemp. They flower after a given amount of time regardless of hours of light per day. This allows farmers to get two crops per growing season instead of one.

Most folks growing indoors leave them on 18/6 their whole Grow. They should love your set up. @garrigan62 or @FloridaSon may be able to help with outdoor soil ph control.

I plan on leaving a couple plants in the tent for a sure harvest. We feed the deer all winter so I have to be careful where I plant plus I have to camouflage the plants since we have neighbors. Finding sun is always a challenge.

I think marigolds are a deer repellent. They work on rabbits.

Trying to figure out how/where to post questions in the forum. I apologize for likely doing it incorrectly.
I have a couple of white widow plants growing/flowering quite well. About 7 feet tall at this point. The problem is the odor is getting quite strong and I fear neighbors/mailmen/etc will be alerted to its presence. It currently gets 8 or so hours of sun where it is. I am tempted to move it to a more remote part of my yard that gets far less sun but the odor will be less noticeable. These are in pots so they will not be difficult to move. They have about a month left. Would anyone care to comment? Will I kill them?