White Widow Auto outdoor. Hours of sunlight & darkness?

This will be my first attempt at autos, White widow to be exact. What do I need to know about the light cycle? We have a good ten hours of sunlight to the present plants (not auto) due to the fact that putting them in fabric pots gives me the ability to move them around in the yard.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated…

Happy Growing

I am sure that even with auto’s you want 13 plus hours of sunlight but I’m not familiar with auto’s @latewood @hillcrest @Donaldj what do you think

Auto flowers will flower regardless of light, but yes they should have atleast 2 more hours of light. For maximum growth since they are auto flowers and will flower regardless of hours of light, if have them in 18/6 if possible

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majik…I have these in felt pots in the back yard, 18/6 may be a push…Living in N California the sun is good here and been in the mid to high nineties for several weeks now, the girls love it.

I live In az I’m well aware of weather it’s been 100 degrees the past week in my back yard but already have 14 hours of light so I understand outside hours and almost impossible to get higher than 16 hours of light in California and arizona

I have been taking my girls back inside to the closet,and putting them under my led for an additional 4 hours. I’m growing American Airlines Auto.For the first mounth I had them on 18/6 .I was having trouble with too high temps. So I’ve moved them outside.One of them started flowering after 4 weeks and is doing great.Her twin sister is just starting to flower.Im impressed with my luck on these beauties.Its my first grow since 1973!!!. If I knew how to post some pics II would,since I’m an old dude I’m not real good on the computer and could use some advise on how to post pics.

I can help you on this…ill be back in the house this PM. or, someone else here inbetween

I use my cell phone but I can try to help, do you have an upload button in the bottom right corner?

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pictures can be uploaded by clicking on the arrow right above the reply window. “browse” your desktop for the image you want to upload.

Auto flowers can grow in any light cycle. If outside; It is what it is! L :slight_smile:


Thanks @latewood, your help is greatly appreciated

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Thanks for all the help all you guy great

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Any time, we’re happy to help you my friend :smile: