Outdoor security lights

I have several ladies at different stages all doing great, KOW, but I suspect there might be an issue with neighboring porch lights about 150 yards away.
My crop is concealed on my deck really well, and I don’t think my house lights are
an issue, how much ambient light is acceptable in an outdoor grow?

My oldest two plants are 63 days old. They’re high thc sativa from a dispensary. There are three feminized Gorilla Glue from Robert, three are from KC called 24K, a Bubba Kush in the same container as my only auto, which is a Blue Dream and it’s flowering big time. I wouldn’t mind flipping these puppies into flower just to make sure their photoperiod isn’t screwed up, but how is that accomplished?

Thanks, and everyone have a great and safe Independence Day!

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Hard to say. Doesn’t take a lot of light to make a plant go hermaphrodite, but it would have to be at least some measurable intensity.

Plants looking great.

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If you have a perfect 12/12 light schedule outside, you work be basically be doing what I do indoors.

And flood lamps can affect the plant turning hermie.
I have light leaks. Tent door wide open and door to the grow room is opened. I have never had a hermie but plenty have.

Maybe get like a tarp to help block out the light at night.

Makes sense, thanks. This essentially my first real grow. I had 5 huge Hawaiian Indicas stolen in 1982, and grew one all the way in 1985 ish. I cant remember, it’s all a blur.

These are about a month apart. It’s time to put them in their flowering stand. I had to move them around because we’re getting ready this place ready to sell, so it’s been one project after another. Deck staining,replace sliding door, grow new grass. We’ve also had 1.5” of rain in about a 6 hour stretch twice. The second time right after I’d finished the second big flush on the FF Trio schedule, it poured down and essentially flushed all my nutes out. But, the next day we had 100% sunny sky’s and a steady 5mph breeze, they jumped out of the pots! I just hope it works out. Two of them are in week 10 and I don’t see any development yet. The spacing is tighten up and my auto is blooming but that’s it’s. The auto is 40 days.