Flowers on outdoor plants

Hey all, beginner here, and quick question. I have two plants going outside, and one inside. I switched my inside to flower, 12/12 lighting, about 6/27. Starting to see flowers form on that one. The two outside are obviously in flowering now, as we passed summer solstice, when should I start seeing flowers form on those? Thanks!

Next week or two and you should be firmly into flower. Do you have photos of said outdoor girls?

They aren’t in flowering, but rather working there way toward it. As the number of daylight hours begins to approach 12 hours, you should see signs of flowering beginning. You can see how many daylight hours there are on a particular date by going here:


Thank you, yes here are pics. From top and side. Five gallon cloth pots for Size reference. I topped them and dis some LST.


Not quite flowering. More like in the transition. Flower starts with the buttons of pistils

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Also, should I be worried about ambient light? I’m in an urban area, so there are alley lights, etc. nothing directly hitting plants at night, but not total darkness either. I’ve read you need total darkness during flowering, but I could only get that indoors. @PurpNGold74

They look healthy? First times, so have no comparisons.

Id be working on a plan for blocking that light. You dont want to hamper airflow but definitely dont wanna temp overnight constant light. That’ll get you some seedy weed.

Ok, thanks. Not sure what I can do. I guess could move in to garage at night. They look healthy now? Being first time, don’t have comparisons. Thanks again for input.

They look great! I envy outdoor growers. Such big beautiful plants. Definitely better then my poor attempts outdoor. I cant wait to give it a real go one day.

The one with the thin finger leaves is showing a bit of heat stress (with the cupped leaves) nothing super stressful tho. Could also be a type of pest. Maybe check those leaves closely… over and under.

The garage is a great idea. As long as you can guarantee total dark, and have good airflow/temps.

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Thank you

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Depends on you latitude. Check that sunlight website for your location, the flip happens right around 13.5 hrs of sun.

Ok, thanks. According to that it is 8/23 that has 13.5 hours of daylight. Patience. :crazy_face::rofl:


Not trying to stomp on @PurpNGold74 but for the most part ambient light will be ok, direct light such as a dickhead neighbor with the motion light is not so good. A street light half a block away is not likely to be intense enough to trigger a hermie. That said, I believe that hermie is a gene that seems quite common in modern hybrid genetics, less common in heritage and landrace. Possibly hermie traits may be more common in F1 hybrids too? Of course, thats from my observations and not proven science so dont take it to the bank.


There are some plants that are genetically more prone to hermaphroditism. Notice I said plants and not strains - because you are more likely to find this with less reputable breeders who haven’t taken the generations to perfect (as much as possible) the good traits and reduce the likelihood of the bad. Another breeder may offer the same strain but have none of those issues.
The most common cause of it is stress(like pH extremes), though - this is why you see it far more often with beginners than experienced growers.

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No offense taken. Street lights, porch lights, car beams. Wasnt super specific so i figured be safe then sorry. But true, the moon wont hermie ur plants, so a little light shouldnt neither.

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I had wild ph swings last year😢
I tried to get creative and stupidly mixed promix and coco with perlite. I ended up having to water daily, sometimes twice daily; even still my ph would drop under 5 after the medium got anywhere close to dry.
Anyways lost my best plant when it grew balls all over it.

Moral of the story, watch your ph lol

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@Northerlit I think you win the saddest photo of the year award.

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Yeah I was bummed, but it just went down hill from there, whole season was balls last year.

As mentioned before, it’ll be a couple weeks before your outdoor plants flower. It does depend on your latitude, but my outdoor plants, in Missouri, start flowering around the beginning of August.
That being said, they will start stretching for a couple weeks before they flower, so this process should begin within the next few days to a week.

Thank you, they appear to be stretching. I’ve seen videos and read to trim everything underneath the bud sites. I’ve trimmed some, is it to late to trim more? looking at the pics, should I clear out mor under the canopy?