Will moving outdoors trigger flowering?

I am hoping to move my photoperiods outdoors very soon as the temperature is warm enough now. But I am concerned because they are currently on a 18/6 light schedule, and the current daylight hours are 15 hours. Once moved outdoors will this 3 hour difference cause them to start flowering? Anyone have experience with this? Thanks

No it will not, you may see that your plants have stoped growing for a couple days. Give them time and they will start booming with the sun!!!

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No it won’t. My outdoor plants all started indoors. I moved two of the permanently outside a few weeks ago (from 18/6) and neither of them made any indication that they were about to flower.

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Great, thank you!

I’m happy to hear this, thanks! I think tomorrow I’ll put them out.

Awesome! Let’s see some pics when you do!

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Will do!