Outdoor scrogs help

@AAA. @Ausgrow @Sth61The420State.

I’m planning to scrog my plants this year outside just need some
Help with the height I should do the screen as iv never done it before.

I will be growing four strains this year
Mk ultra
Gorilla glue
Blue dream
Sour diesel

The wall is 2.4 meters tall.
What height should the screen Be to get good yields out iv them

The reason I want to try this way cause last time
It was a mission to keep the plants from growing over the wall

All help welcome

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@anon78295680 Buy some Fence that has 4” x 4” holes and you can buy a roll of it fairly cheap

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This stuff works great too lot of Weaving in and out of but you can have a very nice canopy with it and you can use two layers if you have to

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The fence @Hogmaster suggested looks good.

I’ve never Scroged, but I’m familiar with the concept.

So, let’s say you want 1 meter colas, I would put my scrog at 1/1.2 meters. I guess you keep all growing tips at scrog level until flower then let them rip.

Does that sound right hog?

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Under the mesh would you pluck off all the leaves to allow air flow?

Would doing it this way help prevent bud rot?

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As they grow up you fill the screen until they stop growing up

Occasionally yeah you want to trim it up

What height would you do the screen? Wall is 2.4 metres tall .

So if they consume the screen mass do you just start thining out/add more screen?

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If you fill out a 4-50 foot screen your in business but yeah add more if you have to with that space you can still get to the hole screen and just manor it the Length of the fence

When I did it I actually just set it on the ground the screen unrolled it and had it laid completely out use 2x4s and you can adjust it if you need to put up a post put in at 16 inches and put one at 36 inches really just depends how tall you want it to get

Would mainlining the plants be good at first or just topping and pinching the branches till it reaches the screen?

Just want it just under the height of the fence to be honest , was a nightmare my last grow tying it all down to hide from neighbours

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I top my plants halfway between the medium and screen height. Then weave. I clean under the screen and yeah this creates better airflow. I would have the screens around 900mm high. Make sure you plant them far apart enough so that they don’t overlap too much.


I only would top it 1 time that’s all it needs


I believe @Myfriendis410 does outside scrog. He should be able to help


How much light do you get at about 1-1.5 meters high?
Looks very shady in there (not sketchy, but lack of light).

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It’s autumn/fall here atm so light isn’t at the best . But in summer the light beams in there and it is light as

I’m just getting prepared atm .

I’ve been doing scrogs outdoors. 2 plants in a 5’x10’ Scrog.
I top twice, pull the plant to one side a bit, place the net about 1 meter above the deck, (I grow on a 3rd story deck), then bend and weave as she grows.
Last year I used some cheap trellis netting, it sucked.

This year I’m actually not growing Scrog. I was hit hard by bud rot and I think the dense canopy helped create the boytritis friendly environment. This year I’ll just top once or twice, do some lst, and let them grow normally.

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