SCROG Outdoors - Setting up

Three durban poisons heading into their 4th nodes. Outdoors. I’m getting ready to set up a scrog. I’ve grown a few seasons and want to try getting lots of exposed tips.

I have questions about the DIMENSIONS of the setup. **Any feedback or ideas are MOST appreciated!

  1. How high? (well, I expect things will end up very high, but that’s another story…)
  • Plants are in 15 gal pots that can be raised.
  • I would like the screen at a height where when it’s time to let the tips grow straight up, they start at about mid torso. How high should I expect the tips to grow? I can control when they shift from Veg to Flowering. Because of a very humid coast in early Fall, I veg them until October. This avoids flower mildew.
  • So → How high should I place the screen from the ground? *Again, I can control how high the pots and screen are.
  1. Should I put all three under one screen, all separate, or 2 under one and 1 under it’s own. I like experimenting. How mush screen space would one plant fill (sq. inches) ?

  2. What diameter or width should the screen size be? For three plants, for one?

  3. How far should the screen be above the point where I top the plants?

Thank you Mucho!!