Outdoor Potted Seedling question

This is a Sour Diesel seedling I got as a birthday present on March 12. I am in Los Angeles. I don’t know if original seed was feminized or an auto flower. I transplanted it to this pot from the 5 gallon one it was in last week. The soil is Fox Farm Ocean Forest and I used the Fox Farm Grow Big plant food yesterday. I take it out onto my back patio in am and bring inside in pm. Questions: 1) does it look okay? i’m trying not to overwater it. 2) why is the one leaf yellow? 3) How long will it stay in this pot until the final transplant? 4)Should I leave it outside now or continue to bring it inside at night? Thanks! I am new here so I’m sure once my ILGM seeds are germinated I’ll be asking for help with those!

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Looks good. Might need nutrients soon. @Myfriendis410 is in the same state.

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Thanks for answering! What nutrients do you mean? I got the Fox Farm Trio and just started to add Big Bloom when I water (I mixed about 3 teaspoons per gallon of H20) s-l400

The leaf is yellow because you put the wrong crystals in, and the energy is negative.

Just kidding.

I wouldn’t worry too much about one lower leaf. It probably came in contact with the soil previously. New growth looks good.

If you just transplanted into a new pot, with new ffof, you will not need nutrients for about a month.

Looks like it’s almost time to leave her outside permanently. Another 2-3 weeks and you’ll be golden.

You’ll also find out in the next month or so if it’s an auto or photo.

If you started those three then you should be good. Just follow the schedule.

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Yeah; can’t leave em out yet. I’m a bit north of you in Santa Barbara county but @AAA is down there and @Ning as well. Like stated; no nutes in that soil for at least 4 weeks.


Hahaha! the crystals were put there by my daughter!


Hey she just wanted to help you got a spirit animal to watch over it.

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Thanks for the tag @Myfriendis410.

Mine have first set of true leaves and I have them outside for the last week, day and night. The next 2 weeks are forecasted to be beautiful! Friday is going to be 84 degrees!

So, leave her outside!

Once the leaves are hanging over the circumference of the pot, time to consider transplanting into a bigger pot. I would suggest tan colored fabric pots, light color does not heat up in the sun and fabric pots breath better and are lighter to carry. One disadvantage of fabric pots, you need to water slowly or it will leak out the sides of the pot.

Good luck, tag me if you need anything else. Im in the middle of my second harvest this season.

Here is my grow schedule:

So cal outdoor grow schedule

Jan 1st = Harvest, Set out clones, Take cuts for next set of clones

March 15th = Repeat

June 1st = Repeat

Oct 15th = Repeat

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@AAA Thank you so much!

I am currently germinating 6 ILGM feminized Blue Dream seeds.
My plan is to plant them into solo cups and put them in my sunny kitchen window for a week or two before taking them outside. Or should I just put them out on my patio?

I have a question about transplanting them: should I next go to 1 gallon, then 5 gallon, and then the final 15 gallon felt bag (I already bought them in black! Should’ve thought about the tan color!) I am planning to use FFOF soil and put them in my backyard facing south.


Window glass attenuates the light so bad you will likely have huge stretch on seedlings (not good). Better to be in a partially shaded spot with some kind of dome over it (make sure temps stay reasonable)

White pillowcases over them would help.


I would say the first week in the window sill, then another week outside in a shady spot, then direct sunlight.

You could also spray paint a band in the middle of the pots with white flex seal. I have not tried it, but it seems like that would emulate the white laminate layer on RootrapperII pots. Or… Pillow cases @Myfriendis410 suggested, but that would kill me!

Also, I would go 3 gallon pot, then 10-15 gallon at a minimum. You are starting earlyish and the plants will want to get big.

In fact, 30 gallon is the smallest I would try and go for final home.

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Okay, so from solo cup to 3 gallon to 15 maybe?

My husband just made me this hack to put the 6 solo cups in outside. Do you think it would be better to leave them in sunny window for 1 week, then a shady spot outside, then direct sun or would this be better; I can uncover during day and cover at night.

That works.

A lot of people worry about humidity on seedlings, me not so much. .

I would do this, just keep an eye on them and tag us if you see any issues.


Hello again! My sativa seedlings are growing! Tomorrow they will have been growing for 1 week in their solo cups w FFOF soil in my window sill. I just took them out to a shady spot for these photos. Please let me know if you think they are looking good so far! Thanks so much!!!
IMG_9146|666x500 !

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@AAA @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower Hi Everyone. So it’s been 2 weeks since my blue dream sativa seeds germinated and I put them in solo cups. I kept them in the sunny window for week 1, then moved to a shady spot outside for this past week. I am hoping to transplant and move them to a direct sun site in the next couple of days. I have some questions:

  1. WHY are they so leggy? I’m guessing this is because I didn’t use lights inside for the first week. 2) I have only been spraying the top of soil mostly. Are they too dry? 3) Should I transplant them into 5 gallons, then later to the final 15 gallon felt ones, or should I just transplant them as I was planning to do; into 5 gallon pots in direct sun? I’m worried about them…

You can support them with a popsicle stick and a tie which would be a good idea as well as adding more soil to cups to bury stem. Insufficient light (sunlight through a window does not work) and too wet. A clear Solo cup for a dome in shade is what you need right now. Direct sunlight will nuke the plants.


^ what myfriendis410 said!


Okay, i topped off the soil and moved them to the shade (it’s 95 here today!!!) and want to make my own DIY dome. What do you recommend? And how much longer should I keep them in the shade? (It’s been a week so far)