Outdoor lovin living soil vs roots organics

The girls are a couple months old out the big girl out in may. The others the end of may early June. I have some Carolina reapers and strawberries and blueberries goin as well. Doing a comparison between the soil makers elite living soil and roots organics original blend with all their terp tea amendments. So far the living soil is so hot that you absolutely can not add anything. The difference is clear. Check it out. The first 3 are the roots plant the second is the living soil


Great looking plants


Very nice, I hope they turn out great

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I’m trying some things seeing how the turn out. I just did 8.5yrs inside so I’m knocking the dust off I think I still got it though. Plan is to put up 2 95’ light dep high tunnel greenhouses and get my cultivation license next season. So I’m testing n tuning with different soils and amendments. If anyone has any suggestions. I’m running living soil. It can be a bit hot some times but generally it’s great. Also roots organic and their terp tea amendments.

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Great looking plants! Thank you for doing a comparison too! I’m following along! Please keep updates here, I’m totally interested :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing around with KNF and Jadam gardening and getting completely off of commercial fertilizers.

Quick update. The large one is a sativa that lives w the comparison 2. Had ants and killed them. Terro traps work great btw. They’re growin about 1” a day and have all pre flowered. I’m going to run the roots in my tent to flower and as soon as the live soil one shows full pre flower I’ll transfer that to a flower tent as well. Haven’t had many issues besides attempting to fertilize the living soil (no bueno w the elite living soil from the soil makers)

So that’s my end goal. I work at a hardware store in Latham NY called chances hardware. We just changed owners and the new owner wants to give me the reins a bit. So I’m doing a full out make your own soil display and will eventually have a full indoor outdoor growing option. It’s going to be fun. So that being said I will be offering all the best organic amendments and mediums. If you’re local check it out. Should be up and running next season.

This is what’s going on this morning with the living soil plant which is still outside until it reflowers in case it may be a hermaphrodite

The main difference right now is color. The living soil has a lighter color, leaf and stem where the roots organic is a bit darker so that tells me that the roots organic off the bat has better nitrogen although I did add a little phosphorus at one point to the living soil and it lacerated and mutated all the leaves so that tells me that it’s hot for flower, but not for veg, the roots I have also been mending. It’s gotten the terp tea grow and microbe charge. Both by roots.