Organic soil growers mosh pit collective of peeps

I’ve not seen one specific thread on this site where other organic living soil growers congregate and share information. Maybe this could be the place and of there is such a thread let me know as I’d like to watch it. It’s been awhile since I’ve been active on this site and do know a few here that do grow organic but would like to have other like minded people contribute with a similar path to growing. This post could stall or could grow to a one stop shop for advice pertaining particularly to this style which is its own beast.
Anyway shout out if your walking and growing this path and let’s connect and share.
Enjoy the day


Going to be watching this thread for sure. I am not an organic grower at the present moment but I wanna go organic for future grows. Here to learn from you fine folks!!!


Cool :slight_smile:


Im grabbing my notebook and pencil now. Ill be in the front row ready to learn…


Would you please share once again your soil and admendments here as i am very eager to learn your ways using organics. Your girls are always above and beyond impressive and i would greatly appreciate your input.


Here ya go @PhatPat

Plus i supplement with teas during flowering…


Thank you so much. I sho’ do appreciate it. Hope you’re doing well.


@MeEasy had a following at one time. :love_you_gesture:


Also not an organic grower but very interested in following along, thanks @Skydiver :sunglasses:


Remember @PhatPat

Your soil is only one part of the equation. Quality lighting and environmental factors play a huge role also. I feed every two weeks to stay on top of the game. During flowering, i use teas on the off week of dry amendments which include worm castings, seabird quano, and molasses. Sometimes ill use a booster like flower fuel, but i dont use it that much. The current magic school bus is packed with 3 25 pots of a soil i mixed and cooked last spring. Im using recycled coast of maine in the top half and the living soil mix in the bottom half. In the 10 gal pot im using recycled Coast of Maine with amendments. The 3 25 pots have been a water only since day 1.

Underworlds Project X is all Coast of Maine. Even the little autos are digging it.


Still does. He has been under the weather last 6 months or so. He vetted Roadside Organics for us when ED became unavailable. I have switched to it also with great results. Requires adding life but working great.


Yep. I already have the tea ingredients and the bubbler mixer made that you showed me awhile back. I can get started with the basics COM grow with the dry amendments and teas. Learn through a couple grows, and maybe graduate up to using a super soil mix. As usual, your girls are killing it.


What type of nutes do any of you use that grow organic? Synthetic nutes can’t be used so just curious. While waiting, gonna google it and prolly fall down a rabbit hole.

Well that is cool. Since I was going to change to AN anyway’, Advanced Nutrients has the OG Organic Series. Me thinks I am switching Soils to Coast of Maine products and the AN line for my next grow. Have recently had too many probs from the foxfarms soils. Now I gotta find a growhouse that carries COM. I like to go shopping physically. If not Amazon it is.


I use mostly Down to Earth amendments and from Build a soil and from boogie brew as well as a few other brands along with household “waste” like ashes from fire, egg shells, coffee grounds etc. and I have a worm bin to help supply worm poo and get rid of my scraps as well as compost pile outside.
Many grow shops carry both synthetic and organic lines of nutes.
I try and buy locally when I can but I definitely check out company web sites as they have great information so I can make better choices in person


Looks like Amazon it is for me. I cant find anywhere locally that sells COM along with their dry amendments as well. Seems to be decently priced compared to other websites, plus they will deliver it all right to my front door for free. :blush:


Ok help me out…what is COM?


Coast of Maine. Posted by Chitty above. I am going to get the Stonington blend and the soil conditioner and then use the AN OG Organic line of nutes. Sounds lika plan.


Yes, @Bonjoyle :point_up: answered it. @Skydiver great thread you got going. I think there is a lot of interest here learning to use organics and its really taking off. Thanks!


Cant wait to see what you produce. Im sure it will be amazing as ive seen some of your beauties in the past. I just like the simplicity of the dry amendments coast of maine offers.


Glad to
I looked around the posts to see if there was a central location that organic growers could go to to share and discuss things with like minded growers but didn’t see one so I thought what the heck.
Build it and they will come…and grow more haha