Living soil, I know you people are here so chime in!

Alright so the spring season is upon us again, and we’re gearing up to do more plants then ever!!

Many of you may know this but I can’t grow an auto for the life of me…So my buddy had an idea “ mix up some living soil and drop a few auto seeds and see what lives!

My idea is to get 2 auto grow into the next 9 months if I move quickly!

Haven’t dropped seeds because I enjoy being stressed out over the simplest projects….

Living soil came in yesterday and got few yards of soil to mix it into…

For some reason I thought it be a good idea to jump in the dojo with the kids for parents month…day 1 sore AF!

So I got natures living soil original and a bag of natures living soil autoflower

2 ct ft of coast of Maine

2 ct ft happy frog / fox farms

Bag of mycorrhizal

Also have power fulvic and humic acids

Maybe some diomaschos earth

…. Any advice is welcome


Im just starting my build a soil light recipe,I have it soaking and microbes added to get it going, i do have beer barley and cloverseed for ground cover. My instructions to get it cooking al least 4 weeks before use.


@PharmerBob looks like youre covered there. Im pretty sure you can flip two grows this season. Thats really what autos are for is so outdoor growers would be able to flip 2 grows a season. They just hype it up and make it seem simple for beginners when in reality its not. I have a buddy thats been growing photos for a while and is going to try a few autos outdoors this season too. Hes big into vermicomposting so hes using all worm casting with his autos. With the line of soils that you have at your disposal, you should have no problems… im a huge fan of Coast of Maine. Hopefully youll become a fan too!

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Do I need to cook for 4 weeks?

I’m really bad at reading instructions

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I feel if I let the soil do the work I may get something in return, thanks for the support

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Any tips for mixing? Bag of living soil , a bag of coast of Maine amend with acids and let sit?

:point_up_2: shocking Grow Bro from checking out your runs of photo period plants here the last few years. No help with the living soil but might could help with autos if you need it :love_you_gesture:


Thanks I’ve got more serial killer instinct when it comes to autos…don’t wanna grow? Your dead to me!


Ive never personally mixed anything with COM but perlite and vermiculite. I do start adding dry amendments with a worm casting topper at 4 weeks, then again at 8 weeks. A week before i flip i add COMs buds n bloom and then 4 weeks into flower ill add another helping of Buds n bloom along with WC and let er rip…


PB, Im going by suggestions on what to do I know Im just tiered of all the problems with HF and OF before this. Im also using 365 soil

Just add water need to try something else. Had less problems with Walmart potting soil than the others.
Im still learning as I go some information is beneficial some not. Everyone here has been great.


My buddy put me on to natures living soil/ super soil

Said you mix with potti g soil and grow veg flower with water only and a tea in flower


Always looking to better myself. I’ll tag @Hoppiefrog this is were I’m getting help with my mixture.


I found this to be the most informative when it came to super soil grow.

They link it directly from NLS’s website

Also I found this helpful as well.


Just add water yes!!! Thank you


The also carry a pro-mix just plant in the bag add water

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After reading those articles it makes me feel like I should of checked the living soil bags for directions :person_shrugging::smiling_face:


Heres a good shot of 6 week old veggies ive been manifolding and femming the whole time… nothing but COM and i added COMS plant food about a week ago. Water only just adding tribus twice a week.


That looks crazy healthy! no spotting no burns!

Got this one I’ve been manifolding . She needs a little lst, in a single dwc planter in my toture tent…I mean veg/clone/mother area

You get way deeper greens from the living soil than hydro. Pretty neat! Manifolding takes a ton of patience, yours looks awesome!


Alright so here’s what I got

Don’t know about coast of Maine… there’s two bags of it pic looks like one… tried to have equal amount of happy from and coast of maine

Anyone add humic / fulvic acids? Humic is granular and fulvic is powder…it’s what I imagine the dirt from a grave to smell like…not stinky but there’s a weird smell to it…sorry rabbit hole


I think there are both humic and fulvic in NLS’s living soil. Also, if you haven’t opened the bags of living soil, just be prepared when you do. The smell is worse than the dirtiest diaper you could even imagine! Lol, multiple gag moments