Outdoor Light ? Prolonged daily growing hours?

‘Fairly’ new to growing and wanted to ask the good folk on the forum for any advice on a query I’ve been puzzling on for sometime now…

Is one able to prolong the outdoor light/growing cycle that a plant receives/needs by using a simple camping solar led down lights?

(I’m Trying to avoid a costly expense on a light where there is no access to electricity but access to a safe/basic greenhouse…so, intentions to extend the grow period but adding some basic solar lighting which can be manually turned on for a 3-4hrs in the late afternoon and an hour or two before sunrise in the morning?

My basic growing conditions :
‘Winters’ are dry and never freeze but do have frost…with summers hot and wet.
‘Winters’ receive upwards of 10hrs sunlight daily and in peak of summer close on 14hrs sunlight daily.
‘Winter’ daily temps average 15-20 degrees Celsius and summers 25-30 degrees Celsius.
Soil : ‘organic’ earthworm soil / freshwater river sand & natural compost composition
Plants to be grown in 20litre buckets.

Any info and or advice from the good folks on this forum that know considerably more than this novice, would be appreciated…

Id imagine theyd have to be pretty powerful, or youd have to have quite a few @Babwe-Buds

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I’m not sure you’d be able to get the sort of ummpphhh needed from a solar powered light… maybe a small generator and some T5’s coz they are low wattage would help wake the girls early and keep them up for a few hours during veg??