HELP I won’t have electric for weeks!

I’m moving in the winter and will not have electricity for several weeks. Heating the place with wood, but I need lights for the ladies. Are there any battery or SMALL scale solar lights out there that will work for 12 plants? I’m not sure I’m capable of setting up a solar grid system in the cold… but if you know of a simple one, I’m game
Thank you!

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Are they still in veg?

They are 6 weeks right now…so they will be just over 8 weeks when I move

Maybe run a generator?


My first thought as well, even if its just a small one for just the lights.


I bought a harbor freight inverter. It runs a 3/4 up sump pump for 11 hrs on 1.1 gallon of gas. Very quiet too. 450$.


I have a 3500 watt generator in no my RV (temporary home). I know it will run the lights, so yes that would work for just lights. You say your runs for 11 hours on 1 gallon? Do you know where/how I could find out what mine would do?

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Thats a tough one … One over sleep or over work or what ever would cause gas powered motor to not get gas or break down gas power is nice when new but after time keep that engine well oiled and up kept

It says not to exceed 16 amps

Ok… so would this make a difference if I used LED as compared to my current HPS? I have two HPS at 650 each… clearly an LED set would run less wattage?
I’m good with trying a generator (I actually have 2, a 3500 and 1000)

You could run 1500 continuous watts and be ok. You’ll have to fuel as more wattage you use.

you want 50 watts per square foot I’m talkin true Watts not Amazon Watts that’s to properly flour a footprint you might get more targeted light to your plants if you have hps u lose alot of wattage power as heat leds are good at putting same light output with a lil less power my 600 hlgs replace 1000 de hps thats 1/3 less electric with similar light so u gotta do some research on what ur end results will be dont wanna be limited by ur power house generator if u plan on changing lights id worry about where youll be once u get power

I prefer HPS because it’s COLD here, and if I’m paying out the nose for heat, I like to make it useful heat… I’m just concerned that running a generator would pull to much and cost me more with HPS using wood heat. I agree with your thoughts…
Keep the thoughts and advice coming!! I’m researching everything!
Thank you!


Sry forgot not everyone lives in south florida where im sweating im my house still… Yea free heat is good heat if its cold but i honestly dont even think about cold any more my defintion of cold is when the ac comes on …im also on blood thinners so i get really cold easy… Im interested in which ever way you go i was going to build a 10kw solar system for my whole grow but that plug got pulled a while ago i was just starting to research panels , inverters Nd battery banks. @dbrn32 was helpful to me when i was exploring solar about a year ago maybe hes got some more valuable info for ya

12 plants 6 weeks into veg is going to take up some room. Not exactly feasible with the solar lights I’m picturing. I would think generator is probably least expensive as far up front cost goes.

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Crisis averted!!! I will have electric!! Thank you all for your help!!! I LOVE this forum, I learn SO MUCH!!!